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Hello! I’m 22 years old from Hong Kong but have been living in Australia since 2018. I’ve spent 3 years studying a human geography degree, focusing on environmental politics and management, sustainable development, urban planning and migration.

I am hardworking, passionate and extremely willing to take on new challenges. My hobbies include photography, bushwalking, swimming, yoga (still a beginner), experimenting new kombucha brews, reading and spending time outdoors/with animals! I enjoy socializing but also understand the need for personal space/time!

English is my native language but I can also communicate in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve moved away from Melbourne after 3 years of city life. I’m extremely keen for a fresh start, spending more time with nature, making new connections, exploring sustainable lifestyles, and taking on physical/hands-on work and skills to complement my university studies.

In 2020 I spent 3 beautiful months WWOOFing in NSW and another 4 months in NSW/Tasmania picking blueberries and cherries so I’m well accustomed to the outdoor lifestyle and working in a variety of weather conditions.

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