Written By Lynette Vint

Following up on my article I had written back in September, ‘Time to look within‘ because Christmas is just around the corner, and  2021 is not too far away, so where are you at? Did you complete that list of all the things you really wanted to learn or do?

This time of lockdown and isolation, is a time not to be wasted but a time to embrace.

Depending on the State you reside in, we’ve all experienced a change in life and our lifestyle to some level, COVID has altered our way of thinking and acting, some for the better, some not so. With borders now slowly opening, movement and travel opportunities are picking up beat, here in the office, our WWOOFer sign ups have increased greatly, ‘Christmas’ and what it brings is suddenly picking up momentum. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are heading into Summer, a time to get out of the house and act on that list you had put together during isolation, promising yourself when travel restrictions were over you were going to find the best organisation, that ticked all the boxes with the right tools, the right educators and a large community right here in Australia that have proven time and again their hosts believe and implement those beliefs everyday with Sustainable, Organic Living and Practices.




  • WWOOFing is a safe and unique way to travel whilst learning along the way
  • WWOOF Australia has been looking after its members for 39 years!
  • A large directory of hosts from various industries to choose from.
  • Ecotravel with the one you love on our Dual memberships
  • Children under the age of 18 are FREE on Dual memberships.
  • It’s the best option if you are taking a Gap Year!
  • You will be living with like-minded people, and building a strong community
  • Many of our members start as WWOOFers (volunteer) only to become a host in the future implementing the skills they have learnt through their WWOOFing journey.




  • Live and Learn from our hosts who live the lifestyle they are passionate about, and willing to share this knowledge with you.
  • WWOOFing will fast track your knowledge enabling you to reach your goals sooner
  • Our friendly staff (Traci and Lynette) are available Monday-Friday Est 9am-4.30pm 0455-023-173 or send us though and email with your questions to wwoof@wwoof.com.au
  • Interactive website and App for its members including a very easy to use messaging system for both parties to connect instantly.
  • $70.00 Single and $120 Dual memberships for 2 years now for the price of 1 year (limited time)
  • WWOOFers complete 4 – 6 hours volunteering, implementing tasks shown by host each day, maximum 38 hours in a week! (to be worked out between WWOOFer and Hosts prior to arrival)
  • Why not spend your free time as a tourist or take on another interest after the agreed hours (determined between the Host and WWOOFer)
  • Host and WWOOFers Guidelines must be adhered to by both parties
  • Learn to be your own boss

Does this sound like you, or do you know someone that is stuck, or simply needs that nudge in the right direction? We guarantee, when you join WWOOF Australia, and embrace the community and the knowledge that sits before you, you won’t be disappointed!

How do I join?

Simply go to our website wwoof.com.au, read the details provided about the WWOOFing or Host experience of your choice, simply click ‘Join Now’, top of any page, choose a WWOOFer volunteer membership or a Host membership in the check out. Once you have joined WWOOF, check the inbox of your personal email you used to set up this account , there you will find a ‘Welcome’ email along with instructions on how to build the perfect WWOOF Profile, how to look for Hosts using the different Search platforms on our website. When you set up your own profile, tell Hosts all about yourself and why you joined. Don’t be shy! Hosts love to read all about you before they invite you to come and stay.

Hosts welcome you into their homes and onto their properties, involving you in their lives and the day to day running of their farms. Learn new skills as you travel, help look after their animals, and help them grow their crops, from small market gardens to large orchards and vineyards.

WWOOFing is a great way to learn from those who have already made that choice to change their life and direction.


Not a member? Join here: https://wwoof.com.au/join-wwoof/  All WWOOFer Memberships are now 2 YEARS, so join today! or purchase that gift that keeps on giving for someone you love this Christmas!


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