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About us

We purchased Samaria Farm in 2010 and since then it has been our labour of love. This stunning property in Victoria’s north east had been designed and planted to permaculture principles and included a plantation of 2000 Damask roses (rosa x damascena) and a distillation plant.

We spent our first two years at Samaria Farm getting to know the property and finding a vision that set us on a path to producing one of the world’s purest Rosewater  and high quality product oils, hydrosols, cordials, soaps and more.

Within two years of purchasing the property we were producing 100% pure Rosewater, essential oils and the less concentrated ‘flower water’ produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. Known as hydrosols, these aromatic waters offer similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, without the high concentration.

From farmers market to farm produce store

Starting with Farmers Markets we began to sell our 100% pure Rosewaters and unique essential oils and hydrosols. The markets kept us away from the property we had grown to love, and we realised that the farm provided an opportunity, with existing buildings and views across the Samaria valley.

We have now refreshed Samaria Farm to include a small store (renovated from the original garage).


Samaria farm is set in the foothills of Mt Samaria National Park on a  22 acre property with an olive grove, we also runs harlequin mini sheep, chooks and we have a small friendly dog.

WWOOFers tasks includes picking rose buds, olives, pruning, gardening, animal care and  general farm maintenance, and accomodation is in our home with us. There is lots to see in the area, just a 10 minute drive to Samaria National Park with various walking trails, a short drive, (20 to 35 minutes), to Benalla and Mansfield with lots of incredible wineries.

Organic practices & techniques, Biodynamic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Pruning, Mulching, Animal care, Using & caring for tools, Preserving & processing food, and preparing and producing Marketing produce

Organic Methods used?

We are not certified organic, however, we use strict organic principles in our farming. The farm has been set up on permaculture principles.

Farm tours

Australia’s largest Rosewater Farm and producers of the most purest Rosewater, Samaria Farm opens the gates to allow you to come and see the working farm in action. Learn the history of our Rosewater from Samaria Farm which dates back to the 1800s with original features and structure of the homestead and a single mans shed that is still in use today but for other purposes like storing animal feed.

If you would like to learn about essential oils and hydrosols, spend time WWOOFing with Vicki and Alan, then reach out to them through the messaging system within your WWOOF profile!


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