Read what WWOOFer volunteers and Hosts are saying about the WWOOF Program. Join WWOOF and experience it for yourself!


Hannah has done such a wonderful amount of work on my olive grove and coped with all of the various and different jobs involved in living and working on a remote island. She is quick to understand her instructions, conscientious in doing the job, adaptable to the changing circumstances and considerate and cooperative with other… Read more “MS”

Jude Cazaly

Great worker

I have had James G helping out at my place in the Daintree for the last week or so. James has been really helpful and a pleasure to have to stay. I have a broken shoulder at the moment and was not able to help much but James has great work ethics is good at… Read more “Great worker”

Belinda Cooper

Good times

Corinne and Hallie (plus their beautiful dogs) were thoughtful hosts who included me in weekend outings to a gallery and school choir event. I was also included in a large cultural gathering in their home. Having a studio apartment and flexible work hours, were much appreciated. The region is very picturesque with opportunities to swim… Read more “Good times”

Nicole Elizabeth Doherty

The Hunter: Great Food (everything organic) and Clean Wine

Riverpines Vineyard in the Hunter Valley has been a great experience: flexible working hours and surrounded by national parks, grapes are grown biodynamically. Wedge-tailed eagles will hopefully scare off the cockatoos. Small orchard and farm to add variety to the job. Some personnel working in the vineyard, two Wwoofers, the boss is a great cook… Read more “The Hunter: Great Food (everything organic) and Clean Wine”

Ilse Broekaert

Thank you Conny and Bettina

Conny and Bettina stayed with us for 3 weeks in December 2022. It was a pleasure to have these two keen and motivated women. We got so much done. Clearing the creek site from old barbed wire, clearing old and new swimming spots from weeds, mowing, and building a brand new pig fence for our… Read more “Thank you Conny and Bettina”

Eva Mackellar

Thank you so much – We miss you all

July 2022 – September 2022 Fabienne, Marco and their two children, Zoe and Lenn arrived in July 2022 and stayed with us for three months, and we were all in tears when they moved on. Thanks to our woofers we have a brand new studio and a beautifully painted verandah. They are hard workers and… Read more “Thank you so much – We miss you all”

Eva Mackellar

Thanks for the wonderful WWOOF experiences!

We have been members for many years and had the benefit of meeting so many lovely people through this program, but now we’ve moved onto the next phase of our lives in a small unit in town. Please close our account and pass on our gratitude for all the wonderful experiences shared with WWOOFers over… Read more “Thanks for the wonderful WWOOF experiences!”

Heather and Kev Dusting

Arundel Sorings testimonials

Hi – we love our WWOOFers! We’ve had WWOOFers come since 2012. One has returned 3 times to visit, – others 2 times to visit and have met up with us 3 times overseas. We have had many more wonderful WWOOFers! We can really use some help now- especially with Spring coming. Jan through March… Read more “Arundel Sorings testimonials”

Deborah Jobson

Thank you WWOOF Office

Dear Lynette, Thankyou for the swift reply and his number. I will remember to log in next time Yes my WWOOFing experience has been one to remember thus far. Very grateful to have had the opportunity, so thankyou for the work that you do. Blessings Jaap… Read more “Thank you WWOOF Office”

Jaap Singh

Buckleys High Country Adventures

Jerome from England had a very special time, he got to go hunting, caught fish from a boat at the top of the Dartmouth, stayed by himself at the Buck Hunters Hut went to a 21st and learnt to play pool at the local pub amongst a whole lot of four wheel driving and getting… Read more “Buckleys High Country Adventures”

Sonia Buckley

First Time Wwoofer

We have just had Jeremy stay with us for 5 days it was his first time WWOOFfing . He enjoyed his time here. Was very helpful. He was skilled in all the things we did together. Great conversationist and was interested in all things Would welcome him back anytime and recommend him to any other… Read more “First Time Wwoofer”

Bruce Armstrong

Over 10 years of Hosting wonderful WWOOFers

We have been WWOOF hosts for more than 10 years now and it has been a pleasure and privilege! I often say to people that, on the basis of the people who have turned up at our place, the parents of the world’s children are doing a better job than they are given credit for. … Read more “Over 10 years of Hosting wonderful WWOOFers”

Graham & Kristina Holdaway

Awesome organisation to be a part of

We are delighted to be part of the WWOOFing community! We have had wonderful people come to stay with us, learn about farming organically, and contribute to the spirit of Kawalang. Thank you for all you do to support the fabulous connections, sharing, and learning that occurs through this community. – Thank you Host… Read more “Awesome organisation to be a part of”

Brynnie Goodwill

A+ Host

We have just finished our one-week stay at Kerry’s place and thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. She set the bar very high as this was our first woofing experience and we feel we not only learned a lot and had fun but started a lovely friendship and predict we will be staying in contact… Read more “A+ Host”

Rose K

Another awesome WWOOFer

Sian was a delight to have stay. She is friendly, smart, and happy to lend a hand even during a solid week of rain!. She is also an interesting person to talk to.- Host Dianne… Read more “Another awesome WWOOFer”

Small building project

Rose and Baden recently stayed with me for 1 week to help out with a small building project. They were also very keen to help out with all the other landscape work in the garden. They both demonstrated great initiative, attention to detail, and diligence in completing work. Very easy going and happy to go… Read more “Small building project”

Plant knowledge and Permaculture

Belinda & Jordan were fantastic hosts and are very considerate people who made sure I was happy, comfortable, and well-looked after. It was good fun helping them construct the rabbit-proof fence to go around their large veggie enclosure and getting to know the animals at home. As well as learning new ways to do the… Read more “Plant knowledge and Permaculture”

Environment, Nature, Politics, Sourdough, and much more!

Wow, where to start! James and I had the most unforgettable experience at Bonnie Brae. From the moment we arrived, we felt really at home and very welcome in the household. Don and Dougal are both very knowledgeable and share a genuine desire to farm – and farm well. They are both great teachers and… Read more “Environment, Nature, Politics, Sourdough, and much more!”

Fencing, Shearing, Mustering cattle, Herding sheep

We had a most enjoyable couple of months with Fran staying on our farm. Fran was involved in every activity we undertook, fencing, shearing, mustering cattle, herding sheep, exercising horses, helping with the renovation of an old cottage on the farm. All these activities Fran tackled with a smile and great enthusiasm. We must mention… Read more “Fencing, Shearing, Mustering cattle, Herding sheep”

Backpackers MUST experience

Lovely family, food, place. I highly recommend to all backpackers to experience “life with nature”. community is beautiful people too. I enjoyed my stay. Thank you WWOOFer… Read more “Backpackers MUST experience”

Cobb house bungalow

Thank you so much, Mel and Rod! This warm and friendly couple is very inspiring in the welcoming home that they’ve created to be as self-reliant as possible with fruit trees, veggie garden, milking goats, and honey bees… among all this, we were working on the completion of their Cobb house bungalow, and enjoying their… Read more “Cobb house bungalow”

Productive garden

I really enjoyed my stay with Femke and Kinan just wished I had stayed longer!! It’s a busy and productive garden and the work is very varied including, planting, pruning, stringing, and packing produce which is good so you get to work both inside/outside. The property has many beautiful gardens and there are also lots… Read more “Productive garden”

Eye-opening conversations

Had an amazing time at the Eco retreat. I had such a great time I extended my stay. David was an excellent host and teacher while Roko ( puppy) was the best companion. Plenty of great and eye-opening conversations. The food was fantastic and I have definitely left the experience with more knowledge than I… Read more “Eye-opening conversations”

Hosts and Kids that speak three languages!

Victiore and Moosa are fantastic hosts, always something interesting to do here, from making cheese to milking and caring for their herd of goats, also a little cafe to help out in, and accommodation that I thought I should be paying for, and two fun kids that speak three languages! great stay, highly recommended- Thanks… Read more “Hosts and Kids that speak three languages!”

WWOOFing as a Family

Our first WWOOFing has been great! We spent an amazing time there with Mel and Rod and the kids. We built with cob, explored the fantastic surroundings, and cook together. Our kids had a lot of fun playing together and exploring. We had quality time away from screens and technology, with a lot of adventures!… Read more “WWOOFing as a Family”

Sad to see you go

Hi Cleo you are one of the best we have had. your work was always done in great spirit. every job was so easy for you to do .you work with sheep & cattle was a great effort. We were sad to see you go. you are always welcome here. keep in touch & keep… Read more “Sad to see you go”

A Gorgeous Property

Thank you, Celia and Chris, and C! Such a kind and caring family who welcomed me fully. A gorgeous property which backs onto the creek, with birdlife aplenty… the surrounding forest is captivating and there is opportunity to explore. Being Spring, there were garden beds to prepare and plant, goats and chickens to care for… Read more “A Gorgeous Property”

My first WWOOFing experience

My first WWOOFing experience, and now all the other ones to follow have a lot to live up to. It was such a wonderful place to be. Upon arriving I already knew I was going to like it at The Haven Bucca. Within a day I knew I didn’t want to leave. I learned so… Read more “My first WWOOFing experience”

Xabier, your a legend

Xabier stayed here for 2 1/2 weeks. It was an absolute pleasure to have him here. Not only did he do more work than I do in months but he was great company. He was very motivated and showed so much initiative and maturity. We didn’t realise that our rose garden and the wombat garden… Read more “Xabier, your a legend”

What a blessing!

Shanna was an amazing WWOOFer, helper, and companion.. so well organised and so great to have around. She completely organised my garden doing far more than I expected and leaving it neat and tidy as well as removing all the weeds and getting into those impossible places. As well she tackled our kitchen, cleaning and… Read more “What a blessing!”

There is a WWOOFing God

“I now believe there is a WWOOFing God and he sent me Shanna. She is everything you could want in a WWOOFer. Switched on, finger on the pulse, and knows what needs to be done. Shanna is such a delight to have around and so is her little mate, the doggy “Daisy” .She’s such a… Read more “There is a WWOOFing God”

Max Hartmann-a great WWOOFer!

Over the years we have had such wonderful help and made friends from many WWOOFers . Recently a young man – Max Hartmann stayed and helped us out with digging prep for some plumbing , and planting out -He is no stranger to farm work and getting his hands dirty!. All of the family enjoyed… Read more “Max Hartmann-a great WWOOFer!”

Giri Mazzella

Kind, generous, and helpful

I have WWOOFed for Emily and she is very kind, generous, and helpful. She knows a lot about organic gardening and is very committed to organic production. I recommend her as a host.-Thank you WWOOFer… Read more “Kind, generous, and helpful”

Building project

Paul and Frankie have just headed off after 2 weeks with us. Frankie is an absolute delight to a dog tragic like me. She is a very well-behaved girl with no inclination to cause any trouble. Paul is pleasant, friendly, and easy-going. He worked really hard helping Tim on a building project, ate everything I… Read more “Building project”

good memory

My friends and I spent a month of WWOOFing on farms in Australia. The property, where we stayed had been, destroyed by a fire which had been started by lightening. We got to mustered cattle and searched for calves that had lost their (mothers) herd and we took care them and of the other farm… Read more “good memory”

matthieu lebreux

Broad Wealth of knowledge

Absolutely loved my stay at Buddha. Darryl is a knowledgeable and patient man happy to share his broad wealth of knowledge and experience and Zhen is a master in the kitchen. Couldn’t have asked for more Thank you WWOOFer Paul… Read more “Broad Wealth of knowledge”

Excellent companion

A huge thank you to Marjan van Dijk who came to WWOOF here for a short time (too short) excellent tireless worker; excellent companion; helpful gardening ideas, one of the all-round good people, and welcome back anytime. All the very best with your next phase! Thank  you, Hosts Gerry and… Read more “Excellent companion”

Inspirational Hosts

Had a wonderful time at the Hillbilly farm. The most positive, inspirational couple we have met on our journey. Wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you WWOOFer… Read more “Inspirational Hosts”

Totally Self Sustainable Host

My friend and I stayed 2-weeks with Jill in Goongerah in September 2021.  We worked from a task list which included reducing fire risk around the house and shed, raking leaves and sticks, collecting and stacking firewood, and mulching fruit trees. We also prepared garden beds for summer crops; weeded, added compost and manure, sowed… Read more “Totally Self Sustainable Host”

Jills Farm Sanctuary

My friend and I stayed 2-weeks with Jill in Goongerah in September 2021. (https://wwoof.com.au/members/vz033/) We worked from a task list which included reducing fire risk around the house and shed, raking leaves and sticks, collecting and stacking firewood, and mulching fruit trees. We also prepared garden beds for summer crops; weeded, added compost and manure,… Read more “Jills Farm Sanctuary”

Deborah Punton

My first WWOOFing experience

This was my first WWOOFing experience and I had a wonderful time over the 5 weeks I spent at Amberly. I was a Canberra local experiencing Canberra from a whole new perspective. John, Carol, and Elise were warm and welcoming hosts. Per the comments below, I felt like part of the family, experienced a diverse… Read more “My first WWOOFing experience”

Lady Wisteria

Dearest Allara and Iolani, Please keep the little torch as a reminder of the special time we had; and may we have more in the future. Your coming was a welcome change to my normal routine. I was so deeply blessed. The help you and Mary gave me saved so many days of labor for… Read more “Lady Wisteria”

Life/ farming experience

Andrew and Sally stayed with us for 5 nights and are the best! They have an enormous amount of life/ farming experience and helped us with fencing repairs, gates, planting gums, building works, stump chainsawing, tank drainage, mistletoe removal, brushcutter repairs, fed out silage, cattle inspection, and more! Andrew is experienced with light and heavy… Read more “Life/ farming experience”

Dave Toland

Dave Toland came to our property when my wife was working away on a three month contract. It was very dry and hot and I couldn’t keep up with the watering and working as well. Dave took over that responsibility as well as bringing his considerable gardening knowledge to bear. He revitalized all our garden… Read more “Dave Toland”

Kingsley House

Thank you WWOOF Office

Dear Lynette I’d like to say a big, big thank you to you for helping me to escape COVID  lockdown back in September. Being at Jill’s farm was fantastic, and then I got to do a few days a week with Butterfly at Dead Bull Farm too. I’m hoping to do a lot more WWOOFing… Read more “Thank you WWOOF Office”

Thank you Tenille

Thank you Tenille – our first WWOOFer – you being here definitely inspired all of us to do some long overdue jobs. Hope you will have an excellent time travelling North. All the best from all of us. Eva, Susi and… Read more “Thank you Tenille”


Thank you Baker’s of beautiful Bellingen

The Baker’s welcomed us into their hearts, home and farm with the generosity and openness that flows from a deep connection to their land and all of its inhabitants. Within days we’d settled into the rhythm of life on an organic cattle farm: mustering cattle on quad-bikes from one paddock to the next grassy offering,… Read more “Thank you Baker’s of beautiful Bellingen”

Allison Berry

Thank you for an incredible week Tenille and Katie

I have had the most amazing week with my incredible WWOOF’ers Tenille and Katie who have worked like little steam trains to move 5 ton of top soil and 70 x40 kg bags of soil improver into the 19.2 m. x 1.2 m. x 200 mm deep beds in the old shade house; and mixed… Read more “Thank you for an incredible week Tenille and Katie”

Joan Derrick

Unforgettable experience !

We spent 7 months in Australia, and had the opportunity to wwoof in several places around the country. Our hosts were all nice and helpful people, we spent hours talking about Australian and French cultures, our lives, environment, farming, politics and so much more ! It was a very good way to discover the australian… Read more “Unforgettable experience !”

Stéphanie and Gabriel

Thanks for the amazing friendships and experiences with WWOOFers of all ages and countries over the last 17 years!

Thanks to the WWOOF team and to all our past and present WWOOFers for allowing us to have amazing friendships and experiences with WWOOFers of all ages and countries. They have allowed my children to grow into open minded persons, who feel strong knowing how many amazing people exist in the big wide world, and… Read more “Thanks for the amazing friendships and experiences with WWOOFers of all ages and countries over the last 17 years!”

Emmanuelle Daw

Thank you WWOOF Australia!

Dear WWOOF Australia Team, We have been Hosts for 23 years and have enjoyed our time with WWOOF. We have enjoyed so many visits over the years. We have even had a WWOOFer marry a boarder! Thank you! WWOOF Hosts Robert & Ingrid… Read more “Thank you WWOOF Australia!”

Robert & Ingrid Hindell

Thank you so much Arthur Helip

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and hosting Arthur Helip here at Turtle Rock. Arthur is a very genuine and warm hearted person. On top of this he is an energetic and tireless worker. In a short time he made valuable contributions to the maintenance and development of my property. I wish him… Read more “Thank you so much Arthur Helip”

Peter Foran

Huge thank-you to Nikki and Gabe: Wwoofing hosts at Faraway

Nikki and Gabe were our first hosts on the WWOOFing circuit and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience. They welcomed us graciously and respectfully into their beautiful property and home, and opened our eyes and hearts to the reality of farm-life. We thoroughly enjoyed helping out with the daily chores, sharing meals… Read more “Huge thank-you to Nikki and Gabe: Wwoofing hosts at Faraway”

Allison Berry

WooCommerce Review #628

Dear WWOOF, It was perfect, thank you. The Wwoofers who stay with us love the gift of a hat pen and bag as it is practical and a nice reminder of their experience. Kind regards Suzanne… Read more “WooCommerce Review #628”


WooCommerce Review #626

Dear WWOOF It was perfect, thank you. The Wwoofers who stay with us love the gift of a hat pen and bag as it is practical and a nice reminder of their experience. Kind regards Suzanne… Read more “WooCommerce Review #626”


Thanks to the WWOOFers who contributed greatly to our Bamboo Park on the Sunshine Coast

We are grateful to the outstanding WWOOFers who helped us a great deal. We run Bamboo Park near Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and are in transition to biodynamic and organic production of bamboo, native trees, hay, and food. There’s always a lot of work to be done but we have fun… Read more “Thanks to the WWOOFers who contributed greatly to our Bamboo Park on the Sunshine Coast”

Angela Wright MBE

Positive exchanges

Ben Salveta and Kian Ronay were my first woofers. I have to say they have both contributed a great deal to my little place. Both interesting young people and very helpful. The garden paths have been topped up and weeded, garden edging made, trees planted and mulched, a hedge planted and mulched (thanks Kian it… Read more “Positive exchanges”

Joy Mendel

Testimony from a lovely WWOOFER from Austria- Flora

Dear Kelly, William and Vincent, Thank you very much for accepting my staying request on WWOOF. It was such a pleasure for me to stay on your farm for two awesome weeks. Kelly, I really loved talking with you while working in the garden each morning, you are such a heartwarming person and often put… Read more “Testimony from a lovely WWOOFER from Austria- Flora”

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

Yet another great WWOOFer Sam Martin

We have had over 100 WWOOFers and just about everyone was a wonderful experience for us. We have learnt about different food, different cultures and different stories, and on top of that we get help in the garden!!!! Sam Martin was one of those wonderful WWOOFers, Even though we have had to impose some limitations… Read more “Yet another great WWOOFer Sam Martin”

Samuel Martin

A great way to see Australia and meet the locals

I went to Australia for the first time for a sporting event but also wanted to see some of the country side and meet local residents. WWOOF Australia was a great way to spend some time with the locals (and some expats) who are engaged in sustainable agriculture and are passionate about good food, community,… Read more “A great way to see Australia and meet the locals”

Dana E. Connors

Wwoofing in Australia for 10 months.

I did a few experiences as a wwoofer in the south-west of Western Australia, in the south-east of Queensland and in Tasmania. I enjoyed meeting nice hosts, sharing their way of life and learning more about the Australian culture. I liked being closer to nature, to the wildlife and taking care of farm animals. Hosts… Read more “Wwoofing in Australia for 10 months.”

Florian Roussel

Great Suppprt

Emily and Anna from Germany wanted to get involved in an Australian farm. They were great guests and worked really hard. Who would have thought you would ever have core filled block walls in your life while caring for the farm animals. You gave it your all and we had some great cultural experiences during… Read more “Great Suppprt”

Kerryanne Tawhai

Luke Butler..simply wonderful

Luke is our first Wwoofer to come to our home and what a wonderful person to have sharing part of our lives. We are at the commencement of creating our potager gardens and have been so fortunate to work with Luke in creating this. Luke is incredibly hardworking diligent and jumps in to help so… Read more “Luke Butler..simply wonderful”

jane delaney-john

lissann German lady well worthwhile

Lissan was wonderfull a hard worker, good conversation and she loved her surfing. She worked uncomplaining in terrible heat sometimes and I thank her for her effort! Dale, host nm192 coastal farm NSW  love to you… Read more “lissann German lady well worthwhile”

terry bell nm192

So blessed

I have recently had two lots of woofers to stay ,how lucky am I to have experienced their beautiful souls ,firstly Verneda from united states ,I felt I knew her forever ,she worked very hard to please me , and I wasn,t disappointed, I still follow her travels on facebook. Lisa and Etienne were from… Read more “So blessed”

Beverley Richards

Daruka Homestead is AMAZING! You will not be disappointed!!

If you are lucky enough to be invited to volunteer at Daruka Homestead – don’t hesitate – TAKE IT! I just finished an 8-week stint on this farm and it was hands down, one of the best experiences of my life (not just as a WWOOFer). I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been… Read more “Daruka Homestead is AMAZING! You will not be disappointed!!”

Lindsay Sherry

The Best WWOOFer Experience

Hello, Hi had the best experience of my life in Australia, in Cowsnest farm ! I met wonderful people, very kind whose made me happy ! Special thanks to Kara, Anna and Craig ! I learned how to plant a baby tree, gardening, feed chooks, pigs and cows. I milked for the first time of… Read more “The Best WWOOFer Experience”


Three great Guys

Malcolm and I have been fortunate to have Marvin-Vivian Schubert, Moritz Bergmann, and Daniel Catana staying at our home in Daylesford for the past few weeks. It has been a pleasure to host them, and they have been a great help, shifting dirt, building rock walls, fixing netting for the fruit trees, lots of weeding,… Read more “Three great Guys”

Ruth Bray

Two months in Margaret River

I spent two beautiful months at Debbie´s and Dave´s. They have a cute caravan on the backside of their property, where the wwoofers stay, next to the camp kitchen and bonfire place, which was awesome in autumn/end of summer time, with the funky margaret river people and crazy art parties , because of the open… Read more “Two months in Margaret River”

Sophie Bohler

Really see the outback

Three weeks to see the outback and understand about Australians? I hired a car in Darwin and drove to Alice and stayed at an Aboriginal art centre and visited historical sites. It was four days WWOOFing on a mango farm that really taught me about outback living: clearing dead branches and leaves from mango trees… Read more “Really see the outback”

Philippa Drayton

19 Years Hosting…It has been worth the journey!

19 Years Hosting….it has been worth the joiurney! Just to let you know we wont be renewing our membership this year.  Its been great over the last 19 years and we feel it’s probably time to call it day.  We have had some great WWOOFers over the years and made some long lasting friendships overseas. … Read more “19 Years Hosting…It has been worth the journey!”

WWOOF is the best

I am finally hanging up my wwoofer boots, and work clothes cos at 67, have decided to do other things and my body is not capable of 5-6 hrs work a day…., sadly!!! Wwoofing has been a part of my life for for 19 wonderful years. I have wwoofed in UK, Europe and Oz and… Read more “WWOOF is the best”

kerin a fogarty

Thank you for the wonderful time in Kangaroo Island

We spent five weeks with Mel, Justin and their wonderful childrens. Emu Ridge in Kangaroo Island with the eucalyptus distillery ist an interesting place with many friendly people. They showed us the most beautiful placesof the Island. Thank you so much for warm welcome!!! Gaby and Andy from… Read more “Thank you for the wonderful time in Kangaroo Island”


With Thanks..

To Anyone thinking of becoming a host, do it. My first WWOOFer was Ben from England it was his first time as a WWOOFer and mine as a host and I honestly thought he was so good that no one could be the same and I was a little scared about having any more. Six… Read more “With Thanks..”

Glenda Douglass

Another great WWOOF guest

Recently Kaori Mukai spent a week with me at Turtle Rock here in Illinbah. It was a very positive experience again working together, learning about each other’s cultures and getting much needed jobs done. Kaori just never stopped working and was always looking to help and did so many extra little things. Thank you for… Read more “Another great WWOOF guest”

Peter Foran

Karo & Marcel at Turtle Rock

Karo and Marcel just spent two weeks here at Turtle Rock. I had a great time being their host as they really helped me greatly establish 4 wicking garden beds, extend my existing garden and generally do any job around the farm. Great people and great examples of the wonderful world of wwoofing….and they actually… Read more “Karo & Marcel at Turtle Rock”

Peter Foran

Marvellous Miho

Miho arrived lacking confidence. Miho loved to work HARD! At end of day’s work Miho did not want to stop declaring I still have POWER! I would recommend Miho to any host – she’s… Read more “Marvellous Miho”

Kathleen Cameron

WWOOF Office Love

Hi Lynette, I just read the article, it’s exactly how I said it, thank you so much for that, we hope that we inspire more people to become hosts and hope we get to see more of those young faces 😃 Again, thank you so much Much regards Nirvana… Read more “WWOOF Office Love”

WWOOF Office Love

Hi Lynette Thank you so much for the help, your blood is worth bottling. Sure if you ever get down here, please let me know love to show you around . Thank you Gav Solly KI FISHING ADVENTURES 0428 888 195… Read more “WWOOF Office Love”

WWOOF Office Love

Dear Lynette, I was thrilled to speak with you the other day. Thank you for your care and guidance. I have spoken with Matt and he is very excited. We love looking after people and, considering our backgrounds, we miss meeting people from around the world so this will be a joy. I am able… Read more “WWOOF Office Love”

Bliss cottage

I enjoyed staying with Sabina in Bliss cottage two times and I am already planning to go back a third time. The host is friendly and respectful, she gives you a fair amount of work everyday in her beautiful garden and cooks good food. The accomodation is clean and comfortable. There is also a funny… Read more “Bliss cottage”

Martin Kapeller

Perfect Cultural exchange

Myra Espinoza-chavez is a fantastic young lady with a wide range of views and opinions on various topics from food & wine to gardening & politics. Lots of discussions about politics, food & life in general. Myra was a huge help around the farm ( albeit small), fantastic worker, great exchanger of ideas & nothing… Read more “Perfect Cultural exchange”

Gerry Hetherington

Companionship at it’s best

We had a fantastic experience with Lucie Beaudoin from Quebec Canada. Lucie is a very hard worker, great listener with a wonderful personality. Eager to learn & share new ideas on any subject of interest. Such a delightful & positive person, so grateful to have her come into our lives if only for a fleeting… Read more “Companionship at it’s best”

Gerry Hetherington

“”First Time

Last week I had Nick Eley from Bristol stay with me. It was my first time as a Host and Nick’s first time as a Guest. It was a terrific week of learning for me. Nick and I worked and chatted together. His experience and knowledge was invaluable. I look forward to further such experiences… Read more ““”First Time”

Peter Foran


I had my first wwoofing experience at Gerry Hetherington and it’s an unforgettable experience. the kindness, the generosity of Gerry and his family are some of the most beautiful encounters I have made during my many travels. A very big thank you to Gerry and her family for their warm welcome. I leave again greatly… Read more “Wwoofer”

Lucie Beaudoin

Martin Kapeller

I had the pleasure of hosting Martin Kapeller recently as my first Wwoofa. What a delightful young man. Polite, courteous and incredibly hard working. If all future Wwoofas are like Martin , then I will be very happy. Looking forward to his return later this year and hope he has a great stay in… Read more “Martin Kapeller”

Sabina Pihl

25 years of WWOOFers

I/we have been having WWOOFers for close to 25 years on a continual basis with perhaps only a few months in all that period with none at all. We would have up to 3 or at 4 at times and the stays varied from a minimum of 2 weeks to several that stayed over one… Read more “25 years of WWOOFers”

David Joseph Anthony

Canadian WWoofers at Claypot Curry House in Woolamai – Victoria

We sure do miss Jeremi and Miguel. What a fabulous pair. A credit and wonderful role models to all youth. They came did every job allocated to them to the very best of their ability and expertise. Wonderful work ethics and energy around the property. They loved everything that was on offer. I do admire… Read more “Canadian WWoofers at Claypot Curry House in Woolamai – Victoria”

Shirani Perera

Unique Experience

Had an enjoyable time volunteering on Lifelight Farm! Definitely a unique way to explore Australia. Speaking Chinese is helpful to communicate with the other workers on the farm but there are English speaking people as well. It’s a good opportunity to experience Chinese culture too as meals are Chinese style – very yummy! (homemade dumplings,… Read more “Unique Experience”

Yu Qun Tang

Second nature organics

Hey everyone, We stayed 4 weeks on the Second Nature Organic Farm in Narangba. It was a wonderful time we won’t forget! It was our first farm experience in Australia and we are so happy that we got the chance to stay there. Especially of the lovely family. They are very friendly and always helpful.… Read more “Second nature organics”

Daniel and Sandy

Brazilians are the best!!!

To thank our fantastic Brazillian WWOOFA guests who worked so hard, were the most amazing company and we wish you the best of luck with your travels. Thanks to Louiza and… Read more “Brazilians are the best!!!”

Kate Rose

What fun we had as Hosts!

We are downsizing and moving into an apartment, which means that our WWOOF host days must come to an end. We enjoyed our time as WWOOF Hosts; firstly on Magnetic Island and more recently here on the Sunshine Coast, with a seven year gap in between when we lived in NYC, while Gary worked with… Read more “What fun we had as Hosts!”

Thanks a lot for the great time with WWOOF!!

I had a great time in Australia. I stayed on two WWOOF farms in the Northern Territory and I met nice farmers, great people! WWOOF was a really good way for me as a backpacker to find accomodation, travel around and to discover Australia. It was… Read more “Thanks a lot for the great time with WWOOF!!”

Phil Stef

I learn’t planting, chook care and pest management!

I learn’t over a variety of areas including planting, chook care and pest management! WWOOFing at Shady Camp with Shell, Kane and their boys was a great experience. They welcomed me & my dog, Maggie, into their family and made my stay a very happy and productive one. I was able to learn over a… Read more “I learn’t planting, chook care and pest management!”

By WWOOFer Sarah Harvey

I can’t say enough positive things about my WWOOFing experience.

I can’t say enough positive things about my WWOOF’ing experience with Gina and Andrew. As this was my first time, they have set the bar incredibly, maybe too high :), for WWOOF’ing in the future. I consider myself so fortunate that Gina and Andrew accepted my request as the memories I gained from my time… Read more “I can’t say enough positive things about my WWOOFing experience.”

By WWOOFer Ryan Murdock

WWOOFers Paradise!

WWOOFers Paradise! We wish we can give you more than five stars! We (my sister, her boyfriend and myself) had a wonderful WWOOFing experience with Heidi and John at their property. They set the bar very high. Amazing home grown food, varied and interesting work, lovely company and fabulous accommodation and location with a beautiful… Read more “WWOOFers Paradise!”

By WWOOFer Alexandra Lanz

Ended up staying for 3 weeks!

Life light farm is such a perfect place for volunteers to stay especially if you love animals!!!!!!!!!THAN YOU MUST GO THERE!!! I stayed there for three weeks and I had such a great time there. I did a lot of thinks that I had never tried before, like driving the tractor, feed the alpacas, catch the chickens and… Read more “Ended up staying for 3 weeks!”

By WWOOFer Lee Ming Che

The Best WWOOFing experience ever!

We stayed for two weeks and it was our best WWOOFing experience! We learned a lot about organic farming and how to pick and plant vegetables. The hosts were very nice, generous and funny. The train was right next to the farm, so we could visit Brisbane and we also were able to spend two… Read more “The Best WWOOFing experience ever!”

By WWOOFers Victor Salaun & Éloïse Van Hoornick

Animals, Nature and Good Food

Life light is an amazing farm which I recommend to every WWOOFer who likes animals, nature and good food ( delicious food ). I’ve learned a lot of things in this farm and had very great moments with people in the farm. Thank you so much for this incredible experience! By WWOOFer Alexandre… Read more “Animals, Nature and Good Food”

By WWOOFer Alexandre Vincent

A host that embraces Families

Graham, Jan, Hannah, Neve and Jordan impressed us with their hospitality. We are a family with young children but the Godfrey’s adapted easily and were so enthusiastic and keen to engage the kids and us with all aspects of farm life. It was a real pleasure to share their space for a fortnight. A great… Read more “A host that embraces Families”

By WWOOFer Family Catherine Cloudsdale

An independent and capable WWOOFer

Chika stayed with us for a wintery and wet week in august. She was a lovely guest, very polite, considerate and helpful. She was a bit hesitant with her english which was really much better than she thought. She communicated slowly but clearly. She was very thorough and neat in her work in the garden… Read more “An independent and capable WWOOFer”

By Host Sue Gray

Japanese Dinners

Satchi stayed with us for two weeks with her boyfriend Keito. Both Satchi and Keito were great members of our team. They worked hard, asked questions when they weren’t sure and showed initiative. Some nights they made delicious Japanese food for dinner, every night they were great company at the dining table, sharing stories and… Read more “Japanese Dinners”

From Host Christy Shelper

What a special Host family

My experience at the Hofers place was amazing. I traveled to Australia with my infant son and from the moment Lizi and Andy picked us up from the train station we felt like family. Their Property is absolutely beautiful with lots of interesting plants to talk to Lizi about. I spent my morning usually doing… Read more “What a special Host family”

By WWOOFers Staci Climie

Advancing our educational center – Thank you

We had the pleasure of hosting Johannes for about 6 weeks and found him to be respectful when working with our tools and living at our home. He is very skilled as a builder which was helpful to us with advancing our educational center. Johannes work ethic is spot on and he was friendly to… Read more “Advancing our educational center – Thank you”

By Host Fiona & Paul Rossiter

The Best Garden I have ever seen!

I cannot recommend Neil and Maria’s property enough! I stayed at their farm for about 10 days.They are such a lovely, generous, welcoming, knowledgeable couple. They have such a beautiful garden which has lots of lovely vegetable, herbs and fruits with using Permaculture and Biodynamic farming way. It was the best garden I’ve ever seen.… Read more “The Best Garden I have ever seen!”


We never got bored

This was our first WWOOFing experience and from the beginning Mini gave us confidence. We stayed for 2 weeks and a half. She was very nice with us and always offered to come with her when she had to go somewhere, which allowed us to discover the surroundings. The work was varied (building, weeding, picking… Read more “We never got bored”

By WWOOFer Nicholas DeRitis

Time to retire from WWOOF Hosting.

Hi WWOOF Australia. Just letting you know that we have sold our farm so won’t be requiring our WWOOFer register anymore. Would like to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you and the many WWOOFers we have had over the years. It has been an incredible journey with them so much so… Read more “Time to retire from WWOOF Hosting.”

Winners of the World Cup

We have just had a couple of delightful French Woofers Benny and Cecilia, staying with us for a week. Last night before leaving today they got to have a really exciting experience, watching France win the World Cup for the first time since 1998 (they would only have been little kids at that time). It… Read more “Winners of the World Cup”

Trypheyna McShane

You won’t regret it

I stayed with Hamish and his son Elliot (Isabella was gone when I was there) for two weeks. It was absolutely amazing. It was my first two weeks in Australia and they really helped me feel at home with them and in the country. The property they have is absolutely beautiful and there are tons… Read more “You won’t regret it”

Tucker Eldridge

Keep the Feedback Coming

To all our Wonderful Hosts and WWOOFers we love that you are putting Reviews up on individual Profile (great job), but don’t forget to post them again in this section. The world loves to hear about your WWOOFing adventures. You can search for each other in the Forum/Notices/ Maps/ Lists and individual Profiles for each… Read more “Keep the Feedback Coming”

WWOOF Head Office

Amazing WWOOFers from France

We have been WWOOF hosts for roughly 10 years and have found that most WWOOFers are wonderful. However I was blown away by Camille and Anthony. They are passionate vegans and passionate vegan cooks, and as we are vegetarian, I learnt a lot from them. They loved any job they were given in our large… Read more “Amazing WWOOFers from France”

Jane Shamrock


Thank you Di and Martin for the experience of living and working on your property. I felt very welcomed and looked after over the week and a half I stayed. I would recommend Wwoofing on the Vogel/Percy property as they are experienced and knowledgeable on farming and vegetation. There is ample work on the property,… Read more “Percy/vogel”

Vanessa Stevens

Fantastic Karinya farm and family

Appreciate Tracy Malone & Tony Barnes gave my daughter and me the first chance to be WWOOFers and we had a wonderful sweet memory with their friendly and lovely family. They are so considerate and respect us and made us feel we are part of their family. We learned many farm skills, culture and educational… Read more “Fantastic Karinya farm and family”

Fong Yu Liu

Their help is much appreciated

Torsten Meyer from Germany was a great house guest. He is a hard worker, and his help in the garden and repairing our rabbit proof fence was wonderful. We no longer see 25+ rabbits in the back of our property! He undertook all of the tasks we asked of him with enthusiasm. He’s a very… Read more “Their help is much appreciated”

Marilyn Rouhard

Hills and Hollows horsey girls

Paula and Hannah travelled from Germany to work on our Horse Farm and Riding School. They were the most delightful girls to work with. They were willing helpers with fencing and Caring for horses. They even started the painting of our arena. They enjoyed their riding time and loved the trail ride through the… Read more “Hills and Hollows horsey girls”

Leanne Moore

WWOOFing at Hawkesbury River Cottage

Couldn’t have hoped for a better stay. The work was interesting, the location is spectacular and the hosts are lovely people who made me feel very welcome. I was definitely sad to leave Hawkesbury River Cottage! WWOOFer,… Read more “WWOOFing at Hawkesbury River Cottage”

Ricky Dunbar

One of the best WWOOF families I have every stayed with!

I can only recommend this farm.Host Farm WP213  Pia is really lovely and has a beautiful property. I just stayed there for 2 weeks but I had the feeling I got to know almost her whole family and we went to many places around Perth. The work is not that hard and every day she gives… Read more “One of the best WWOOF families I have every stayed with!”

A Willing Worker – Yes ! Come WWOOF with us

Yosuke Sano stayed with us at Elmsleigh. Yosuke is very polite and respectful young man who works very hard and speaks good English. We have enjoyed Yosuke working with us and has helped us with a number of duties including working in the yards with our beef herd, put out cattle feed, water our tree… Read more “A Willing Worker – Yes ! Come WWOOF with us”

Snorkeling with the Seals

I stayed one week with Mandy and Rob  Host ND076, I had a great time. Both were really caring and provided me always with delicious food. I lived in a large and clean cottage, where I also slept very well. The work was about 6 hours a day. They paid attention to different kind of… Read more “Snorkeling with the Seals”

Barking Salmon? Happy to share experiences of self-sufficiency

What an amazing time we had at Barking Salmon ! We spent one week with Mat and Jeanette Fegan and we have to say that, as a first WWOOF experience, we could’t dream of better hosts ! Indeed Mat and Jeanette are such a lovely couple. Friendly, generous, curious about everything and so respectful. They made… Read more “Barking Salmon? Happy to share experiences of self-sufficiency”

I felt like one of the family – thank you

Hosts Fleur & Anthony Dawkins  are very welcoming. They provided me with everything that I needed. The food was great, so was the wine. I had a great 3 weeks with them. They took me in as a member of their lovely family. Thanks again and see you soon! Written By WWOOFer Isabelle De… Read more “I felt like one of the family – thank you”

Great Working WWOOFers

Jan Semorad & Marion are great WWOOFers, hard working, quick to learn, tidy and, best of all , good company! Written By Hosts  Alexandra Mateer & Rick Kilpatrick… Read more “Great Working WWOOFers”

WWOOFing is all about chances to improve and learn farming skills

Worked not exactly on High Peak Farm all the time, but on a other farm which Tony Ruse owns. Stayed there for four weeks and learned a lot. I worked together with the farm workers Jock and Ken and they gave me a lot of responsibilities and chances to improve and learn farming skills. Tony… Read more “WWOOFing is all about chances to improve and learn farming skills”

Learn from your WWOOFers its a great experience, cross sharing knowledge

Thomas Köhrer has been a great guest. He works hard and our garden is now looking lovely and all cleaned up thanks to him. He has had a go at many different tasks. We’ve also enjoyed learning about Austria from him. Thanks Thomas. Written By Host  Tanya… Read more “Learn from your WWOOFers its a great experience, cross sharing knowledge”

Learn about Australian Culture here

The time I spend here was great. The location, the view over the property, the hosts Lisa and Brad, the food they cooked/provided, the work with the cattle and the work in general was great. I was already used to farm work, but even if you didn’t done it before the work is easy to… Read more “Learn about Australian Culture here”

My First Experience

Here’s very nice farm to stay and work. It’s first time for me to do WWOOF, stay and work in Aussie farm, but I didn’t need to worry about my less experience because Lisa&Brad welcome me kindly and told me how to work , so I could enjoy my first farm staying. Accommodation is very… Read more “My First Experience”

WWOOFer, she made herself at home, worked hard, showed initiative, and wanted to learn!

Chloe Thompson was a fantastic WWOOFer, she made herself at home, worked hard, showed initiative, and wanted to learn. Chloe was a delight to have in our home. We would recommend her as a WWOOF to anyone. Have a wonderful time for the rest of your stay in Australia. Love Fiona Kotvojs & Alan… Read more “WWOOFer, she made herself at home, worked hard, showed initiative, and wanted to learn!”

beautiful place, Margaret is fantastic!!!

Margaret Lockhart VW061 has a beautiful place, Margaret is fantastic!!!  Flavie… Read more “beautiful place, Margaret is fantastic!!!”

Cooking, Mud brick, metal welding, etc… thank you for your teaching

Andrew Graham & Gina Sanderson  are a very kind, friendly and funny person. Thank you for your take care, we like a family. The accommodation is large, clean and comfortable. I had been there for 2 weeks learn so much different things which I have not expected. Cooking, Mud brick, metal welding, etc… thank you for… Read more “Cooking, Mud brick, metal welding, etc… thank you for your teaching”

Satisfying work with a wonderful group of farm hands- Happy WWOOFer

I enjoyed my time on this farm so much that I’ll be coming back soon! Leonard & Renee Costantini are a wonderful family who welcome you as their own; cooking great dinners and showing you around. The work days are structured to ensure you get the weekends off, and in your breaks you get to… Read more “Satisfying work with a wonderful group of farm hands- Happy WWOOFer”

Those hot summer days!

Tsubasa Yamasaki  worked with us at Elmsleigh. He is a thoughtful, respectful and caring person who showed great initiative and worked hard in the hot Summer Sun. We were delighted with Tsubasa’s perseverance and patience in translating some concerns he had with some of our drought struck sick plants. It started a very good conversation.… Read more “Those hot summer days!”

Another awesome WWOOFer

Amalia Sophie Engler is a thoughtful WWOOFer who works well with others. We thoroughly enjoyed Amalia helping us and have no hesitation in recommending her to future Hosts. Lisa and Brad –… Read more “Another awesome WWOOFer”

Fantastic WWOOFer – Thank you

Marlen Grimm is a great WWOOFer. Excellent eye for detail and works well with others. We thoroughly enjoyed Marlen helping us and have no hesitation in recommending her to future Hosts. Lisa and Brad –… Read more “Fantastic WWOOFer – Thank you”

Hosts WP203 Very friendly, nice,fun

Gina and Andrew  Andrew Graham & Gina Sanderson are really the bests Hosts.very friendly, nice,fun.It was an amazing experience and 2 weeks it wasn’t enough to enjoy chittering acres.. A very cute house on a wonderful property. To make mud brick it was an interesting and very funny work..a lot of different things to do and… Read more “Hosts WP203 Very friendly, nice,fun”

Learning what sustainability is with QLD Host

I would like to give HUGE 5 star to Heather’s farm Host QN014  Heather Worth and experiences I had there. Heather is wonderfull lady with lots of love. Staying with her and following her life style simply makes you healthy both physically and mentally. You will work on her garden and farm during the day and… Read more “Learning what sustainability is with QLD Host”

WWOOFers, Lifestyle is relaxed & easy going

Hosts  Di Percy Di and Martin are wonderful people; very genuine and grateful for the help that WWOOFing can provide. It’s a beautiful part of Victoria with close access to Phillip and French islands. Don’t hesitate to contact them, thank you very much Virgil… Read more “WWOOFers, Lifestyle is relaxed & easy going”

WWOOFing just 20 minutes from the centre of Canberra

John & Carol Lilleyman  Host NA197 are a very lovely family and give you the feeling as you are a part of the family. You really need to love dogs and chickens if you want to stay here because they have a lot of them. Probably one of your jobs will be to collect eggs… Read more “WWOOFing just 20 minutes from the centre of Canberra”

Come WWOOF at Beechworth Natural Farm

We were delighted to have Spencer Spencer Platten WWOOF with us at Beechworth Natural Farm. He has an easygoing nature and is willing to tackle any project big or small. He is able to work alone and showed initiative to continue with the independent projects when we were tied up with other jobs. We were sad… Read more “Come WWOOF at Beechworth Natural Farm”

Our incredible WWOOFer – Thank you

Hi  Roland May from all at Lavola, Thanks for spending time with us in Merrjig and for so willingly putting your hand to a bit of anything and everything. It was a pleasure to have you stay and you’re welcome back any time. Happy travels and good luck with your work out west. Cheerio, Annie and Henrik… Read more “Our incredible WWOOFer – Thank you”

Orchard Cottage Roses in Victoria

I had a great time at Orchard Cottage Roses. Nice variety of work and after working hours Ailsa showed me all the highlights of the surrounding area which is beautiful! Couldn’t have wished for a better WWOOFing experience. Thank you Ailsa! 🙂 … Read more “Orchard Cottage Roses in Victoria”

Lot of Koalas in South Australia

Sue and Brian were exceptional hosts Sue Gray and we had a lot of fun sharing time with them and working in their garden which contains a lot of koalas! They were also a great help for a multitude of travel tips and to understand Australia a little better! Thank you for your nice company and… Read more “Lot of Koalas in South Australia”

Beautiful times in Gardenup

We had a very beautiful time in Gardenup. The food was great and we had a lots of fun in the last three weeks. We learned a lot about farm work and made many well experience. We felt such welcomed in this friendly family and hope that we will see you again! Hosts Jacqueline Zanders &… Read more “Beautiful times in Gardenup”

Lovely peaceful retreat from city life, come to QLD

Lovely peaceful retreat from city life. Maria and Neil are wonderful and informative hosts. It was great to experience permaculture and a range of jobs and enjoy nourishing food produced on the property. Lovely spot with sea breezes near lake Cootharaba. Thx for a great stay.  Hosts Maria & Neil… Read more “Lovely peaceful retreat from city life, come to QLD”

Great Times, Great Hosts

I stayed a few days with Theo and Marilyn and it was gorgeous! Delicious food, good work and a lovely bedroom/accommodation! I would definitely stay again with them! Thanks! Cheers, Marie Fischer Hosts User Name marilynrouhard who are in… Read more “Great Times, Great Hosts”

Thank you Alice Springs

I spent 5 days at Rodney and Anna’s. If I had more time, I would have loved to stay longer, I had a blast! They make you feel very welcome into their family from the beginning. You will learn a lot on the farm working alongside Rodney. The work is diverse – you may be… Read more “Thank you Alice Springs”

Wwoofing enhances our life

Have hosted since 2008 over 80 wwoofers – it’s a marvellous enhancement to our farm life. Enjoyed getting to know so many wwoofers from many countries. Especially enjoy the evening games of Scrabble where it becomes evident how good their English skills truly are – far beyond their speech. I generously don’t score and let… Read more “Wwoofing enhances our life”

Kathleen Cameron

Thank You Jackie & David O’Reilly in SA

We had a wonderful first WWOOF experience with Jackie and David on their beautiful property. Great organic food, varied and interesting work, lovely company and fabulous location. Thank you both! You are fab. We had a really good time, learnt lots and have so many ideas for the future… Read more “Thank You Jackie & David O’Reilly in SA”

Jacqui Taleb-Bendiab

The best hosts are hidden in Tassie

A couple of months ago I stayed with a friend on the farm of Esther and Andrew in Campania, a small village close to Hobart. Initially we wanted to stay for about a week and then go hiking to see a lot of places in Tasmania. We ended up spending about a month on the… Read more “The best hosts are hidden in Tassie”

Sandra Koop

Alpacas & more…

Hi, I’m Jasmin. Me and my partner did repeat wwoofing at a beautiful alpaca farm outside Mirboo North in South Gippsland, Australia. The farm is owned by Brigitte and Keith, and they have over 100 alpacas, two Border Collies, chickens, ducks, geese, a black cat, and a large bush property, with an organic garden, bees,… Read more “Alpacas & more…”

Jasmin Martin

Wwoofing in Jerilderie, NSW

(2716 NI137) Billabong Vineyards near Jerilderie is a unique family business relying solely on organic principles. Not only in the garden but in all areas of life. My 3 weeks flew by fast as I grew stronger both physically and mentally. There is lot to see on the property – rivers, lakes, bushland. Upon arrival… Read more “Wwoofing in Jerilderie, NSW”

Kaari Vilberg

Wwoofing is just awesome

We have been wwoofing hosts for nearly 20 years, and it has become a core part of our loves. Although we only have 1 or 2 people at a time, over the years way more than 100 people have stayed with us and shared our work and our lives. Many have become friends. It is… Read more “Wwoofing is just awesome”

Simon Neville & Louise Duxbury

Lots of enquiries

I spent some time today and set up our Profile page. I also posted on the notice board for help as we are urgently looking for WWOOFers to assist us. By 7.30pm we have had our first inquiry and booked a couple to come and wwoof at Our Little Farm next week for 2 weeks… Read more “Lots of enquiries”

Our Little Farm

A beautiful cultural understanding

Thank you for this wonderful experience for our two daughters – being surrounded by multicultural visitors, they have developed a beautiful cultural understanding. Besides, we were lucky to build really strong friendship with some of our WWOOFers (our long- staying French WWOOFer, Nicolas, has just visited us for a month; he became a member of… Read more “A beautiful cultural understanding”

Putting yabbies to sleep

Over the last year we have had a large variety of WWOOFers from different countries and found that we learn so much from each one and try to teach something as well. The main thing we notice is that there is always laughter, and acceptance which makes for a very bonding experience. The thing we… Read more “Putting yabbies to sleep”

WWOOFing on Kangaroo Island

I spent 3 weeks at SA304’s home last November. They are located on the beautiful North coast of Kangaroo Island and they have lots of olive trees and fig trees on their property. They are great people. They welcomed me as I were a member of their family, always very attentive that I felt well.… Read more “WWOOFing on Kangaroo Island”

Funny dogs & rare birds

Hello, I’m an Italian WWOOFer in Australia and I want to share my wonderful second WWOOF experience. I found on the book the host VG097. Peter and Jennifer live in Bendigo (VIC) in a nice property where they grow organic vegetables and chickens. After a quick visit I decided to stay with them for 3… Read more “Funny dogs & rare birds”

Unforgettable experience

Hi my name is David & I am a WWOOFer from Ireland. I stayed with my host Robin (NV277) in Inner Pocket, NSW for six weeks in August/September 2015. The whole experience was completely unforgettable. On the property, Robin lives perched on the top of a mountain in a network of cabins & treehouses in… Read more “Unforgettable experience”

Awesome opportunity

Hello! My name is Benjamin, I just returned home to the US from a 5 month holiday backpacking around Australia. I became a WWOOF member ahead of my trip after hearing about the organization on previous travels. I only ended up using my book one time during the trip as my expected one week stay… Read more “Awesome opportunity”

Enriching lives

To wonderful gang at WWOOF, This video https://youtu.be/DB3A036B27c will give you an idea of the wonderful young people who have come into our lives through WWOOFing. These two young girls had us laughing for their entire 5 weeks stay with us and I “adopted” them as my German granddaughters.I hope you enjoy the video as… Read more “Enriching lives”

Something quirky

Having to learn different languages and cultures – it has been brilliant – we hope to learn much more. Something quirky – we had a beautiful lady from Japan stay with us – we had a vase with a inscription on it only one letter – behind this vase on the wall hung a picture… Read more “Something quirky”

Wonderful company & support

On the 11 of January 2014 a lightning strike started a fire that burnt my property destroying my hay reserves and rendering all my fences non-functional . At the time it started I had a young man called Seb from France staying who fought bravely to save my home and and chook house he also… Read more “Wonderful company & support”

An amazing journey

With a background in environmental science, I am keen to learn and get involved in organic farming, Australia is renowned around the world for their sustainable agriculture and rise of permaculture practices. I was backpacking around Australia for three months, not only did I want to see the bright lights of the cities, I also… Read more “An amazing journey”

WWOOFers bring more enthusiasm & happiness

We have been host members of WWOOF for 1 year now and have had 4 amazing ladies stay with us and another arriving this week. It took some time for us to decide to join the WWOOF program as we were unsure of how we would feel about strangers staying with us. We contemplated joining for… Read more “WWOOFers bring more enthusiasm & happiness”

Loving our Canadian WWOOFer

We loved having Candy Tsang from Canada, WWOOFer i16/16077, staying with us. She was really into farming and The environment around us. The alpacas are always a treat as they are a very inquisitive when guests come over. It’s always a pleasure being a WWOOF host to like minded travellers. Daniela Riccio, Little Valley Farm.… Read more “Loving our Canadian WWOOFer”

WWOOF Australia acknowledges the Traditional owners of the land on which we work. We honour the ongoing cultural & spiritual connections, heritage, customs & beliefs of Aboriginal people & pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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