Moving forward into 2021, the Bushfires of 2019/2020 scars still remain.

We too can speak personally here at the WWOOF Office, both our properties were effected. There is still so much to be done, 13 months on, many are still cleaning up, rebuilding and replanting. We were both lucky, we have our homes, a roof over our head. I write this blog with a heavy heart, I just got off the phone from a host (2nd host in 2 weeks) who after all this time has just been able to move into a home and out of a caravan donated by some generous person within their community.

Moving forward, there are many farmers still effected by the fires that need your assistance. I thought I would put out a reminder to those wonderful travelers needing their 88 Days/2nd Year Visa signed off, WWOOFing does qualify for your 2nd Year Visa in bush fire effected areas and we have wonderful hosts who would love to meet you.


Today’s focus are for those in host effected  S.E. Victoria  you may like to meet;

Meet Clare from  Buchan

Why I became a WWOOF Host – We would like to meet new people and I introduce them to our fantastic little town and the country lifestyle that we love. There always seems to be an endless amount of tasks to do, so an extra pair of hands would be much appreciated.



Meet Butterfly from Goongerah

Why we became a WWOOF Host – I was a WWOOF host twenty years ago when my children were small and our WWOOFers became life long friends. I am very interested in teaching a self sufficient lifestyle, as I have been living it for the last thirty five years.


Meet Ruth & Morgan from Orbost

Why we became a WWOOF Host –To meet like minded people who want to learn, we have been WWOOF Hosts since 1994.




Meet Robyn, John, Jill & Gabe

Why we became a WWOOF Host – Totally brimming with muscles, energy and enthusiasm for 40 years we have always been determined to do everything on our property ourselves- the slow and hard way. Low financial inputs but a high commitment of time and effort have resulted in a very satisfying lifestyle. The lure of cultural exchange has always been intriguing with the WWOOFer brand and now that our circumstances are a little different after the bush fires, we believe that we can both offer something of interest to participants as well as gain a much needed boost to keep us on top of the workload.


Meet Deborah and Tim from Gelantipy

Why we became a WWOOF Host – I was a host for several years and enjoyed many interactions with inspiring young budget travellers and their help here. During a busy period of house building and paid work I stopped. Now I am home more and would love some help again. Mostly the WWOOFERS I had were happy here.



Meet David & Esther from Omeo

Why we became a WWOOF Host- Esther and I are serious hikers and adventurers. We’ve met many lovely WWOOF’s over the years that inspired us to become hosts ourselves, opening our home – and gardens to likeminded folk that would like to stay in a little piece of heaven and eat their way through some amazing food, while helping out with the farm chores!



Profile picture of Jill Redwood

Meet Jill Redwood from Goongerah

Why we became a WWOOF Host – I have been a host since 1991 and hosted 100’s of WWOOFers. I mostly work on the campaign to save our native forests and wildlife from being destroyed by clear-fell logging. I also keep three gardens, a large orchard, maintain the fences and sheds as well as look after the animals. Animals need some daily care, firewood needs cutting, the place has to be fire-ready all summer, so leaf raking and grass cutting, repairs are a non-stop task and in Autumn it’s preserving time for the summer bounty, drying, bottling, pickling, jamming, storing spuds and pumpkins so I love to share my knowledge in these areas of Sustainable living.



We would like to thank all those WWOOFers on their 2nd Year Visa who have spent time with our hosts and assisting them in moving forward, many friendship have been made!


WWOOF Australia would like to offer anyone needing their 2nd Year Visa hours 15% off Single and Dual Memberships using code: 2NDYEARVISA
 Join here:  All WWOOFer Memberships are now 2 YEARS, so join today


If you’re not familiar with WWOOFing and your 2nd Year Visa, please read the following blog as it has links to all the required forms

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