With Christmas just around the corner a WWOOF Volunteer Membership Gift Certificate is truly a gift that keeps on giving!
Give a 2 year WWOOF  Volunteer Membership to someone you love and give them the opportunity to travel with a friend or family, live & learn on organic, permaculture & biodynamic farms, commercial and hobby farms, as well as suburban farms and gardens Australia wide.


Around 1000 Host properties to choose from, all meals and accommodation provided by hosts along with their expertise. WWOOFers volunteer for 4 to 6 hours each day while learning practical hands on skills and the techniques of their hosts.


WWOOFing is a safe, environmentally conscious and rewarding way to travel Australia on a budget, connecting with interesting people and giving back to the planet while building a raft of new and interesting skills to add to your resume.


Simply purchase a WWOOF Membership Gift Certificate and download it. We will email you a special single use code within one business day, to enter on the certificate, with details of the person you are giving it to, your name and a message. Save the PDF once you have filled it in and email it, or print the certificate and mail.
Using this code when joining WWOOF will automatically process a free 2 year WWOOF Australia membership. They can join whenever they are ready for their WWOOFing adventure!








Add a WWOOF T-shirt and a WWOOF capWWOOF cap to your order for a perfect gift! https://wwoof.com.au/shop/
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