Written by Lynette Vint WWOOF Office

The past 2 years has impacted every one of us in one shape or form. Droughts, Bushfires, Floods and COVID just to name a few, add that to our already daily adversities, those already struggling with illness and hardship.

Mindset is very important factor to be considered and aware of during these times. We are all built differently, we all handle stress differently, our world as we knew it has gone since COVID, we are living in uncertain times, each day varies from the next and as a rule, humans don’t handle change to well.

We are all built differently, and we all manage stress in different ways, for example when the world doesn’t feel right, I walk out to the garden, get my hands working the soil, or plant seeds, or plant food trees, that way I feel like I’m doing something for my family, that’s the satisfaction you get when you grow your own healthy organic food. Here at the WWOOF Office the staff grow their own food and live sustainable lifestyles; We have been setting the way for 40 years!


COVID has not only highlighted the importance of growing your own food, but the importance of understanding how to live a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, but where do you start?

If you are ready to start practicing a growth mindset reach out to WWOOF Australia, we will open many doors of opportunity for you to expand your knowledge in food production and sustainable living.

How does it work?

We are a platform that connects WWOOFers (Volunteers) with Hosts from many different commercial or hobby farms and suburban growers that are using Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Syntrophic and Regenerative practices & techniques.

Whilst you’re learning, you will be the extra set of hands when it comes planting, harvesting, animal care and everyday tasks that come with living and producing off the land, and in return our hosts pass on their skills and knowledge to you the WWOOFer. WWOOF Hosts Australia-wide offer all meals, accommodation, and hands on learning experiences to WWOOFer volunteers, who live with hosts for short or long stays, which is worked out between both parties through our online messaging system built into WWOOF profiles.


Start practicing a growth mindset today, we are offering 50% OFF Use Code: GROWTHMINDSET



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