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Map Searching

You want to show up on the Map Search page. This is how Hosts and WWOOFers find you according to your latest location.

Your Profile will be displayed on the Map Search page if you simply set your Map Location. Just go to the My Profile menu, and select Set My Location.

Enter an exact address, or just a town or city nearby.


Post a Notice for WWOOFers and Host Farms WANTED!

Post an advert

The Notice Board is where you can post a Notice for finding a WWOOFer Volunteer or a Host Farm.

1. Title of your Notice, brief but informative
2. Enter your email or phone or leave blank
3. Select which State you are interested in
4. Type your notice, include useful info but NO contact info
5. Members can contact you via Messaging or your Preferred contact.


Message Host Farms or WWOOFers via Instant Messaging

Easily send a Message to another Member for quick communication.

1. View their Profile or via the Search page
2. Click “Send Message” and write
3. View your previous Conversations
4. View the Profile of the Member you’re chatting with
5. Notifications via Pop-ups and Email.


For WWOOFer Volunteers from overseas, Travel Insurance is very important.

You may be visiting Host Farms that may be quite remote, a long way from the nearest Hospital or major town/city. Medical transport can be very expensive, as can medical treatment if you have no insurance.

Get a free quote on Travel Insurance that will cover you while you’re “On the Farm” Here.

For details of the Travel Insurance Policy, see the Product Disclosure Statement

Free Insurance Quote


Update your Profile and Location, set your Calendar, create a Gallery and more …

Update your Profile

This tutorial will show you how to edit and update your own Profile page.

It’s very easy, once you know how.

View the other helpful videos below so you know how to make yourself visible to other Members and so you can successfully find the Host Farm or WWOOFer Volunteer you’re looking for.

Set Your Location

Update your Photo

Cover Image

Gallery images

Update Calendar

List Search

Private Messaging

Post a Notice


Map Search

Profile Overview


FAQ’s and Help

Answers to the most popular questions asked by new Members …

How do I find Hosts & WWOOFers

Use the Top Menu “Search”, then choose from a Map based search where you can find other Members or use the List Search to find Members in a list.

Hosts and WWOOFers also advertise on the WWOOF Notice Board WWOOF Notice Board and member only WWOOF Forum.

How do I contact other Members

Visit the Profile page of a Member you wish to make contact with. You can email, telephone or message them through our website/mobile app using the Message button on each Profile.

I can't Login

Use the username or email address you registered with and your chosen password. If you have forgotten your user name and email address, please contact the WWOOF Office. You can reset your Password at the Login screen, if you have difficulties, please contact the WWOOF Office and we will re-set your password for you.

Update my Profile

Watch the videos or go to your Profile page, then you will notice some links just under your small Profile Picture. They will say: View, Edit, Change Profile Photo etc. Click the Edit link. All your information is then editable. Don’t forget to Save each page where you make changes. If you are having trouble with your Photo sizing please watch the following 2min video off You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx3VPPELDCg

How to change my Email address or Password

Go to your Profile page, then from the Main Top dropdown Menu you will see a link for Settings. Go to this page and you can update your Email and Password.

How long is my Membership

WWOOF Memberships are for 12 months, for both Hosts and WWOOFers. You will receive email notifications to remind you to renew.

You can see your expiry date on your Profile page, below your cover photo. You can renew at any time by clicking on the Renew my membership button, this will add one year to your membership.

WWOOFer Volunteers can choose from single or dual memberships.

Is it automatic renewal

No, WWOOF Australia will send you email reminders to renew your membership.

You can see your expiry date on your profile and can renew anytime by clicking the Renew Membership button on your profile page, you don’t need to wait until we email you.

If you select the same membership level as you are currently on (eg. Singe or Dual WWOOFer or Certified, Non-Certified or Concession Host) renewing will add 12 months to your membership. If you change levele, this renewing will end your previous level and give 12 months on the new level. Please call us on 0455 023 173 if you need to change levels so we can ensure your 12 months is added on to your new level.

Does WWOOF Screen Members

At WWOOF we do not perform background checks though we do reserve the right to. WWOOF Australia is a fantastic organisation that has been around for over 37 years. It is the leader in linking volunteers and hosts together, enabling lifetime experiences and education for both parties.

My Marker is not showing on the Map

If your marker is not showing on the Map Search, this means you have not updated your Location as yet. Simply click the My Profile menu at the top of the page, and select Location. Click Edit Location and enter your address or just drag the marker to your current location on the map.

How to leave a Review

WWOOFers and Hosts can leave reviews for each other, on each others Profile Pages. Simply go to the Members Profile page you wish to leave a Review for, scroll down to the bottom of their Profile, and click Add Review.

If you have negative feedback, please discuss this with the other Member before you make it public. No abuse will be accepted and your Profile will be disabled immediately if you act carelessly.

What if things don't work out

Upon signing up you agree to our terms and conditions and must adhere to the guidelines. Either party has the right to end the relationship. Always understand that WWOOFers can come from different countries with different cultural ideals so when you start your first contact with the potential WWOOFer as a host, be sure you have outlined very clearly what you would like the WWOOFer to do during their stay with you.

This applies to WWOOFer Volunteers as well. Make sure you are very clear as to what your Host Farm expects of you.

Sometimes for whatever reason the visit may not work out as you might have expected, sometimes miscommunication or unreasonable expectations from either party.

Be honest and graceful explain its just not working out and remember (if you’re a Host Farm) the WWOOFer might need transport to a train station, bus stop or need time to find another host.

So if you feel it’s not a right fit act on it immediately, you are not required to keep the WWOOFer, or stay at a Host Farm if it is not working out.

WWOOF Australia has a Complaints Procedure which we take very seriously. Any arrangement and agreement made is your responsibility, so ensure you set the arrangement up correctly so the potential WWOOFer or Host Farm has a great understanding of your expectations before you connect.

Our Privacy Policies

We only use your information to connect Hosts and WWOOFers, we never reveal email addresses or your personal information to any third party. We do not sell on your information or use it in any way to target advertising.

We only use your information to enable you to contact hosts and volunteer throughout Australia.

For further information in regards to privacy please check out our Data protection policy.

Our organisation is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. It is bound by a set of National Privacy Principles that establish the benchmark for how personal information should be handled.

WWOOF Pty Ltd. has embraced these principles as part of standard operating procedures. This means is that all personal information that enters WWOOF Pty Ltd. is dealt with in a uniform manner and the highest regard is taken for maintaining its security at all times.

If you are concerned our organisation may have handled your personal information inappropriately, please contact our Privacy Officer on 0455 023 173 or by email

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