The WWOOF office thought we would reach out to some of our travelling WWOOFers and ask why they joined WWOOF

“Since COVID outbreak last year we have realised our lifestyle was taking us nowhere, not only do we not know how to grow our own food but where to start, it all seemed a bit overwhelming. We heard about WWOOF through friends and loved to hear about their stories, so we’ve stopped procrastinating and started our new adventure six months ago and never looked back. – Bree and Shaun


“I joined WWOOF as it is an alternative way to travel discovering new places and people along the way.  It really is a unique opportunity to get out into the Australian countryside and experience Aussie culture while learning about organic farming and how to live sustainably on the land. Others, backpackers who I have met along the way, recommended it as a very worthwhile experience, so I thought I would give it a go and am loving it so far.” Clare



“The bushfire season has highlighted the importance of community and the spirit of volunteering in Australia. I wanted to lend a helping hand and learn some of the tricks of the trade of organic farming along the way. Hopefully one day I will grow some of my own food.” Dave


“WWOOF is truly relevant for the times we live in, as these days many people are starting to think about where their food is coming from and see the value of healthy nutritious food grown locally. This is great for local small businesses which I hear are the heartbeat of Regional Australia. So, for me to be a WWOOFer in Australia is to play a role in helping to make the world a greener, better place for us all.” Donna

“The truth is I’ve been looking at many different groups and organisations but I haven’t found anything that seems as much of a perfect fit as this does. There’s nothing more I love than farming and seeing how amazing it is when nature just comes together, at 45 years I needed a lifestyle change and to get out of my comfort zone.” Jeff

Just turned 40 and packed everything up to get into van life. I did WWOOFing in my early 20’s so I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I enjoy the work, the travel and getting to know the land and the people within it. Plus, it’s great to be able to return the favour by employing my passion for cooking and looking after the people around me. Tracey

 I joined 6 weeks ago to get out of the city due to COVID. I have already had 3 incredible stays. The secret is to ask as many questions as possible before you arrive so there are no surprises. I’m doing an online course, so I was able to work out my days with the host prior to arrival, many offer this service so don’t hesitate to get out there and expand your personal growth, its been an awesome adventure to date! Josh

WWOOF Australia was established in 1981. 40 Years on we are now an online platform that connects WWOOFers (Volunteers) with Hosts from many different commercial or hobby farms and suburban growers that are using Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Syntrophic and Regenerative practices & techniques. With the assistance of WWOOFers, hosts embrace those extra sets of hands when it comes planting, harvesting, animal care and the myriad of everyday tasks that come with living and producing off the land, and in return hosts can pass on their skills and knowledge to WWOOFers in the industry they are in.

Say hello to some of our hosts:

WWOOF Hosts Australia wide offer all meals, accommodation and hands on learning experiences to WWOOFer volunteers, who live with hosts for short or long stays.
102 of these WWOOF Hosts offer long term opportunities for WWOOFers to Work or study remotely from their properties in their free time.



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