The perfect gift for the woman who has everything
The perfect gift for the woman looking for change
The perfect gift for those ready and a willingness to learn
The perfect gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime!


Our 2-year WWOOF Volunteer Membership can be used Anytime, Anywhere in Australia so you can’t go wrong!

Looking for a change in your lifestyle but don’t know where to start?

Our hosts are from various, and unique industries, waiting to teach enthusiastic volunteers new skills.

Travel safely with WWOOF Australia, The WWOOF Office has your back.

Environmentally conscious and rewarding way to travel Australia on a budget.

Live and Learn with real families, our hosts.

4 – 6 hours per day (5 days a week maximum)

No age limit if you are fit and healthy, farming is hard work!(must be 18years and over)

Single and Dual (2 adults/family) memberships

WWOOF Australia, bringing people together for 40 years!

 Around 800 Host properties to choose from.

2021 its time for a change.




“I can honestly recommend WWOOFing to everyone, not only have I been able to travel on a budget, learn so many new skills, and make new friends for life, I feel free by the knowledge I have gained. Take the leap and change your lifestyle! Don’t wait, I wish I had WWOOFed years ago and had the experience I have gained in these short months. Can you imagine my garden now?” – Annette B. My Story 

“Meeting new people is not easy but remember WWOOFing hosts are like minded people, they are opening their homes and want to share their lifestyle with you. Once you get to know them, the area, the daily routine you will start to enjoy the beautiful aspects of the location and find you’re relaxing, you will fit in very easily. I would recommend WWOOFing to anyone no matter your age as long as you’re healthy. It’s a great way to get a glimpse and share for a short time, the physical, mental and emotional aspects farmers have to deal with every day. I admired their endurance, friendliness, and the calm way they reacted to stress.” Karin My Story

Our hosts love having WWOOFers around to share their knowledge, purchase the gift that keeps on giving for the one you love. Discover the REAL Australia

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