If you need to self-isolate WWOOF has you covered!

WWOOF Australia currently have 320 Hosts who offer a separate building for accommodation.

  • Victoria – 51 Hosts
  • Queensland – 84 Hosts
  • Western Australia – 31 Hosts
  • Tasmania – 26 Hosts
  • NSW – 101 Hosts
  • Northern Territory – 10 Hosts
  • South Australia – 14 Hosts

When WWOOFers are looking for Hosts, on the List Search page only fill in the section Accommodationseparate building” and the *State they are in, this will bring up Hosts that may be able to accommodate them without the need to cross state borders. If WWOOFers have their own camping accommodation suited for self isolating on arrival, there are 119 Hosts to choose from as well, just search for BYO Accommodation in the state they are in to find these Hosts.

*Many Australian State borders are closed. For up to date information on Border closures and permits required, see: interstatequarantine.org.au/state-and-territory-border-closures/

Farms are essential businesses and WWOOFers are essential volunteer workers

WWOOF Australia requested definitive information for Hosts and WWOOFers regarding the legality of WWOOFers traveling to and staying with Hosts. This letter is the response from the Minister for Agriculture Also see Food security and agriculture and COVID-19.

Non-essential travel is not allowed in areas under lockdown restrictions, so it is important to keep up with the latest information on which areas are under lockdown, the specific level of restrictions in the area you are in or plan to go to and which state borders are closed. There are large fines for crossing closed borders without a permit, or for breaching lockdown conditions. Please do not leave a lockdown area to travel to a WWOOF Host without first self-isolating for 14 days and taking all necessary precautions on route. It is advisable to have written confirmation from your host that you are volunteering on their farm (or a permit if required) in case you are stopped and questioned on the way there.

If you are in a State or area that is under strict lockdown restrictions, you will need to follow the current rules for the lockdown in your area. If you need to check, the COVID-19 Restriction checker may help.

Things to put into place prior to arrival at a WWOOF Host property:
  • Communicate honestly with hosts about where you are coming from, particularly if you are currently in lockdown in a COVID Hotspot. Some hosts may request evidence of full vaccination and/or a Negative COVID test immediately prior to arrival. Please understand that they are protecting their family and community and respect their requests.
  • The WWOOF Guest Book Form must be filled in for all Hosts WWOOFers are visiting. They will have a copy of this and will leave it for WWOOFers to fill out or WWOOFers can print this form, fill it in, scan (take a photo with their phone) and email or message it to Hosts once it is filled in.
  • Work out a plan prior arrival, WWOOFers might have to find their own transportation there & ask the Host how to arrive at the property.
  • WWOOFers should ask the Host, what tasks they will be working on.
  • WWOOFers need to be prepared to be working on projects in an area on their own, whilst their Host is in another area.
  • Keep open communication at all times, be creative, use the WWOOF messaging system, email, text messages, Skype or Facetime.
  • WWOOFers should ask the Host if they have an outside area that they can go to separately, to enjoy their own space, during free time, places to go for walks etc.
  • Make it fun, these times are difficult so add a little humour where possible and keep an open mind.

We recommend all hosts develop their own plan for the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The situation and government advice is changing daily so hosts should keep up to date with alerts and make their own decision about whether or not to invite WWOOFers. We ask them to take into account their family circumstances, health and their capacity to self-isolate if anyone on their property becomes unwell. Some hosts request that WWOOFers be fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID test prior to arrival.

We encourage Hosts who do invite WWOOFers, to make sure they ask pertinent questions prior to any planned visit to ascertain the risk involved in inviting WWOOFers. WWOOFers may or may not have been in a hotspot area, they may have been fully vaccinated and it is ok to ask as many questions as you feel necessary prior to inviting a WWOOFer onto your property. Social Distancing measures must be observed by law in every State of Australia, large penalties apply for breaches to these rules.

Hosts are encouraged to discuss their plans with WWOOFers prior to their arrival and ensure they understand and agree to the precautions Host wish to implement. We have asked that Hosts have an isolation plan in case they, a family member, or a WWOOFer becomes unwell after they arrive to minimize the risk of infection.

We recommend all WWOOFer’s have a supply of hand sanitizer and face masks, this is the WWOOFers responsibility.

All new arrivals in Australia must now self-isolate for 14 days, as must anyone who shows symptoms or has tested positive to COViD-19. There are large penalties for not complying with this law which are different in each state.

If hosts decide they do not want to invite WWOOFers for the time being, we recommend blocking out their availability calendar as either booked or unavailable until they feel comfortable and safe inviting WWOOFers again. If hosts already had arrangements in place for WWOOFers to visit and need to cancel these arrangements for any reason, they should advise these WWOOFers as soon as possible to give them time to cancel their travel arrangements and find an alternative destination.

We recommend if WWOOFers have any flu like symptoms, they seek medical attention, get tested and self isolate immediately. Hosts will be very appreciative and understanding if WWOOFers contact hosts to cancel a planned visit to their property after being required to self isolate. We also ask WWOOFers not to visit hosts if they suspect they may have come into contact with this virus, or have any symptoms.

The Australian Government Department of Health has prepared a Series of Coronavirus Resources  including the following:

Anyone arriving in Australia from overseas must enter Hotel quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.

Tourism Australia also has comprehensive COVID-19 Information for Travellers and Australians which is being updated daily.

WWOOFers are Essential Volunteers WWOOFers are Essential VolunteersWWOOFers are Essential Volunteers





Tougher COVID restrictions have been announced in various states and we ask our Volunteers to make sure they fill in the correct paperwork for any permits required in their State or Territory, along with Essential WWOOF Volunteer Certification that both Hosts and WWOOFers must have filled in before travelling to a Host property.

See the WWOOF COVID Toolkit page for important links regarding border closures, permit requirements and current restrictions.


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