Welcome to WWOOF Australia as an Affiliate.
Instructional videos and FAQ’s.

Earn extra $$$’s – Become an Affiliate

Signup Members to WWOOF Australia

WWOOF Australia offers both Members and non-Members, the opportunity to earn commissions on our Membership Plans. Anyone 18+ can signup to our Affiliate program for free.

If you’re already a Member of WWOOF Australia, as a Host or WWOOFer Volunteer, simply click the link at the bottom of any Page to signup as an Affiliate.

If you’re not a Member of WWOOF Australia, click here to join our Affiliate program.

On your Account page you can view your Referrals and earnings, customise your URL’s and signup both Volunteers and Host Farms.

The more Members that join WWOOF with your Referral, the more you earn.

Get paid monthly via Paypal.

Affiliates FAQs & Video

How to Join

To signup as an Affiliate please click our Affiliate Signup link. Simply create a Username, Password, Your Name and your email address. Then tell us how you’re going to attract new Members.

If your PayPal email account is a different email address, for payment of your Commissions, please enter this in the Payment Email field.

How do I get paid?

Go to your Affiliate Area Page and fill in your PayPal email address. If you require payment into an Australian Bank Account, please email us your Bank Details, with your Full Affiliate name and ID Ref Number to agents@wwoof.com.au.

WWOOF Australia will pay all Affiliate accounts at the end of each month when they exceed $20. Any unpaid monthly earnings will roll-over into the next month and be paid when Unpaid Earnings is equal to or above $20.

Non-Australian Bank Accounts: If you have a non-Australian Bank Account, WWOOF Australia needs to pay you via a credit card or PayPal method, as bank fees are approximately $30AUD for a simple transfer. If in doubt, please contact agents@wwoof.com.au for details.

How to Signup a Member

Doing it on Your Computer:

  • Make sure you have copied your Referral URL from your Affiliate Account Page.
  • Log Out of the WWOOF Australia website (important)!
  • Paste your Referral URL into the address bar at the top of your Web Browser. It will look like – www.wwoof.com.au/ref/22 (22 being your Affiliate ID number).
  • Then go through the standard signup process for the new Member.

Send the link to a friend

  • Go to your Affiliate Account page and copy your Referral URL
  • Then paste the URL into an email.

Sharing your Referral URL on your website, social media or blog

  • Go to your Affiliate Area page and click the “Creatives” Menu.
  • Copy the code for whichever Banner you would like to place on your website or blog. The code will already have your Referral URL in it.
  • Add a post to Facebook or Instagram about WWOOFing and include your Referral URL or Banner code.
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