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    Jean: I was employed for 2 years as a lumberjack and Forester. I can use chainsaw and whipper snipper/brush cutter easily and safely..

    Noémie : I am a 23 years-old french girl and I live in France, next to Angers. I have one big brother. I am a joyful person who enjoy having fun and sharing with others. I am sociable and I have a great knowledge about music and cinema. I love to learn new languages and meeting new people ! After two years in scientific preparatory class, I went to university to study animal and vegetal biology. I got a bachelor degree in biology.

    We are both excellent workers and take great pride in our work. We really love to work outdoors and enjoy completing any project to a high standard. We are both passionate about nature and alternative life styles. So we are looking for good places to meet people and learn about self-sufficient life style, permaculture, compost…

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We want to meet people who could show us different life styles, more autonomous and respectful of the nature to find some inspiration and have a better idea about what we want for our future :). Woofing is a really good way for us to be truly immersed in Australian culture.

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