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    Hello ! My name is Marion, I’m 22 years old and Cedric and I are together since 2013. After going both abroad separately these 2 last years, we’ve decided to go to Australia together. I was in England 2 years ago first as a waitress in an Hotel next to Birmingham but I decided to quit because I wasn’t happy there. I decided to try the Aupair experience and was in a fabulous family in London. I was looking for 3 kids and that was litteraly the best experience in my life. I really do love taking care of people, helping them and share some moments together. My name is Cedric, I’m 23 years old, I come from North East of France. I have a master’s degree in civil engineering. I have just finished my studies. I like every Sport, I practiced soccer during 10 years, tennis during 3 years. I was in London last year during one semester for my studies and then 1 month in NZ still for my studies (Final project of my studies) and I spent 1 week in Australia visiting Sydney. I can’t wait to discover this country.

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    Hi, we are one French couple (Marion and Cedric) who wants to discover beautiful landscapes, custom and culture of Australia. We’re open-minded, motivated and interested in a lot of fields. We’re ready to live a good adventure so if you want to be part of that, contact us :).

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