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Fiona Rossiter

Host Profile

    My Property

    Property Name

    The Old Tin House Orange & Bissys Permaculture and Holistic Management Educational Centre Cargo

    Farming methods


    Business Type

    Commercial Farm

    Short Property Description

    Our main residence is located in the centre of Orange NSW. We have a permaculture garden located at home and we also have a large scale Permaculture Educational Centre Holistically managed being built on 97 acres at Cargo. There is quite a lot of mixed work available at Cargo starting with the building of vegetable gardens, service areas for composting, buildings, food forest and pathways.

    Accommodation consists of a caravan  with all facilities available at the property. If working at the home or café permaculture gardens then you will stay in a room located at the home.

    Old fashioned home cooked meals for the evening meals with everyone joining in. Length of stay negotiable.  Keen to hear from people who would like to stay long term and work with us to develop a village setting at our Permaculture site at Cargo.  Plus those of you who also can help us with garden maintenance and animal care in town at our home.

    Full Property Description

    Our home is built with permaculture gardens and ducks for eggs.  It’s a delightful place which has been overgrown with food.

    Meet Jamie Drew who WWOOF here Feb 2019, this is what he had to say.

    Meet Elona Pasquier Who WWOOFed with the Team for 7 weeks:

    Meet Maria who WWOOF for 5 weeks with the team:

    Cargo property, our Educational centre is amazing.  The scenery is surreal, the environment is full of wildlife and birds and the campsite and caravans make for good accommodation will living off the grid.

    There’s plenty of opportunities to gain valuable skills working with permaculture and to create new things that support the environment.  Were keen to have people who show initiative, have an eye for detail, can work independently and want to share ideas and our dream for the future.

    Visit to learn more about what we do at our locations.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    Composting from degradable matter
    Chicken tractor systems
    Mulching for gardens
    Animals used as a pest control system
    Companion Planting
    and more ………..

    Special Conditions

    Were keen to learn about your skills and attributes because if there is something we can fit into your volunteering time that can show case your talents then we would like to support that.

    Even if you’re new to WWOOF and have no skills in gardening but would like to learn how to use permaculture design and techniques please let us know.  We are happy to work with people who show initiative whilst having a good work ethic.

    Additionally if you have permaculture skills and been involved in Perma Blitz’s we would love to learn from you on how to do these things.

    There is the opportunity for long term stays at our Cargo property if there is the commitment to help develop the land.

    If you are responsible with smoking by staying away from people not smoking and are careful in making sure your smoke is out then we are negotiable for you to stay.

    Guidelines for WWOOF Hosts offering Remote Work and Study Placements

    Hosts must:

    • Provide a private and quiet space for WWOOFers to use to study or work in their free time.
    • Provide access to reliable Internet (unrestricted or unlimited if possible).
    • Have mobile phone access or opportunities for Wi-Fi calling access via Internet.
    • Negotiate flexible WWOOFing times that will facilitate the study or work schedule of their WWOOFers in their free time.
    • Keep the lines of communication open to discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange WWOOFing around these scheduled times.

    WWOOFers will:

    • Communicate prior to arranging a placement with a Host to ensure the Host understands the requirements of their course or work arrangements and agree on how this can be facilitated.
    • Be prepared to negotiate their WWOOFing schedules to fit in with their Hosts needs and arrange their study/work times to fit their free time to the best of their ability, being sure to arrange with the host for any specific scheduled lecture/class/meeting times.
    • Ensure they keep their work/study space clean and tidy.
    • Ensure they make the agreed time available to spend volunteering as well as. helping with meal preparation and or clean up.
    • Keep the lines of communication open and discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange their WWOOFing times around these scheduled times.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Biodynamic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Soil conservation, Propagating, Mulching, Pruning, Wild Food Foraging, Worm farming, Beekeeping, Animal care, Poultry care, Using & caring for tools, Fencing, Building, Handyman, Fermenting foods, Bread making, Marketing produce

    My Details


    Fiona Rossiter

    Partners Name

    Bissys Permaculture and Holistically Managed Educational Center (Cool Climate)



    The Stay

    Can Accommodate

    4 WWOOFers

    Preferred length of Stay

    2-4 weeks, Longer stays by negotiation


    Caravan, Tent, BYO Accommodation

    Other options

    Non-Smoking, Children allowed by arrangement, Pets allowed by arrangement

    Meal Procedures

    Eat together, Eat separately, Share some meals, Share cooking, Food provided, cook your own

    Languages spoken

    English but I do have some children who speak other languages

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    I’ve always been a peoples person and after 18 years nursing and a large family with 8 children it flowed on to Wwoofing.  Wwoof was something we learned about when our children were very young and first used the organization at the home.  It followed on from then to over 12 years of meeting and sharing life with more than 550 volunteers.  We now have friends all over the world and lots of amazing stories and spaces to share.

    It’s a very fulfilling role being a host, meeting people and sharing our knowledge.  The social side allows us also to learn about you and games and hobbies you play/do back home.  Hosting also helps us to learn more about the world, your country and cultures.

    The best part for us with hosting is making new friends!

    Work and Study Remotely here

    Work and Study Remotely here by arrangement



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