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My 175 acre property was severely affected by bushfire in January last year when everything but the largest trees was destroyed. It had been an established rainforest, but it became like dry bushland after just a few hours of an 1800C fire.

It is still beautiful, but with a new rugged kind of beauty. It is largely comprised of ancient rock formations, with giant turpentine, gum and other tree types. It has been amazing to see how quickly life sprang back, though, as green sprouts emerged and took off from every nook and cranny. It is now covered in vines which form a thick cover, and prevent you seeing the lie of the land.

Here as a WWOOFer you can experience a pioneering lifestyle, living very simply, without power and with variable phone and internet access. Sleep in your own tent if it has sewn-in floor, or in basic safe shelter provided, and help develop a fabulous property on which I hope to establish accommodation for homeless young people.

Tasks? You name it . . . previous helpers have gained skills in natural building (both earth building and construction with timber-in-the-round and dressed timber), how to fell and bark trees, how to build a professional looking deck using felled timber for the structure – also sheds, tank stands etc.

Help to create our Cob buildings. Stay a while and learn how to build a Cob house!  It’s not as hard as you think.

Previously we were developing an organic garden following permaculture principles, however that infrastructure was lost in the fire and so now we are starting all over again. For the time being, the emphasis is on getting infrastructure rebuilt, so that there is accommodation and water available, for a start.

Most of my WWOOFers have had little or no prior knowledge about building, but they come away with good knowledge and skills in a relatively short time. They frequently comment on what a great experience it is.

We have much to do to get started again, and I look forward to hearing from energetic, willing helpers.

Organic/Biological methods we use

We are committed to being organic and keeping the property free from toxins and poisons of any kind.

We have now planted the orchard, after everything having been destroyed in the fires. Just beginning to establish garden beds following permaculture principles, and establishing accommodation and water collection.

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