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Veronica & Mark Hemmett

Host Profile

My Property

Property Name


Farming methods


Business Type

Hobby Farm

Short Property Description

We live on 176 acres purchased in 1975, situated at the end of a valley and the end of the road. Chinaman’s Creek begins on the property.

We follow organic & permaculture principles. Work varies with what we are doing and can include gardening, pruning, weeding, fencing, shed building, animal care of horses cats & dogs, renovations, fencing.

Varied accommodation for up to 4 people in our caravan, shed, or BYO. Children b.a. Vegetarian meals. Prefer non-smokers but smoking OK outside with restrictions.

Negotiable stays after initial visit, but ideally, we would like someone, perhaps a single, a couple or a family to be long term for awhile.


Full Property Description


Special Conditions

Guidelines for WWOOF Hosts offering Remote Work and Study Placements

Hosts must:

  • Provide a private and quiet space for WWOOFers to use to study or work in their free time.
  • Provide access to reliable Internet (unrestricted or unlimited if possible).
  • Have mobile phone access or opportunities for Wi-Fi calling access via Internet.
  • Negotiate flexible WWOOFing times that will facilitate the study or work schedule of their WWOOFers in their free time.
  • Keep the lines of communication open to discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange WWOOFing around these scheduled times.

WWOOFers will:

  • Communicate prior to arranging a placement with a Host to ensure the Host understands the requirements of their course or work arrangements and agree on how this can be facilitated.
  • Be prepared to negotiate their WWOOFing schedules to fit in with their Hosts needs and arrange their study/work times to fit their free time to the best of their ability, being sure to arrange with the host for any specific scheduled lecture/class/meeting times.
  • Ensure they keep their work/study space clean and tidy.
  • Ensure they make the agreed time available to spend volunteering as well as. helping with meal preparation and or clean up.
  • Keep the lines of communication open and discuss any issues that may arise with scheduled online meetings, classes or lectures and arrange their WWOOFing times around these scheduled times.

Skills WWOOFers can learn here

Organic practices & techniques, Gardening, Pruning, Animal care, Horse care, Sheep/goats/cattle care, Fencing, Building, Handyman

My Details

The Stay

Can Accommodate

4 WWOOFers

Preferred length of Stay

1-2 weeks


In Our Home, Separate Building

Other options

No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement, Pets allowed by arrangement

Meal Procedures

Eat together, Eat separately, Share some meals, Share cooking

Languages spoken


Diets we cater for

Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian

Why I became a WWOOF Host

We have been hosts for 13 years and love it

Work and Study Remotely here

Work and Study Remotely here by arrangement



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