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    FNQ Blooms is on a 52 acre property situated at the foot hills of the tallest mountain in Queensland Mt Bartle Frère standing at 1622 mt surrounded by cane fields. We are nestled up to the Wooroonooran National Park with lush rainforest trees and crystal clear creeks and water falls around us. We are one of the largest produces of Tropical Flowers in North Queensland. We focus on Heliconia and Ginger flowers for the Australian cut flower industry.We are commmitted to sustainable farming, our Farming principles are simple we look after our soil and it will look after our plants.

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    Welcome to FNQ Blooms

    We are on a 52 acre property situated at the foot hills of the tallest mountain in Queensland Mt Bartle about one hours drive south of the Cairns International Airport.

    We grow Tropical Heliconia and Ginger flowers for use in the Australian Cut Flower market and send Tropical flowers though out Australia.

    I believe our farm is a Dimond amongst Gems it is completely self-sustainable. We have a waterfall that produces all our power though Hydroelectricity, composting toilets and gravity feed water from a natural spring. Our creek that runs through our property from Wooroonooran National Park has amazing wildlife using it as a gateway to the farm lands below the mountain

    My husband and I with our two boys, brought this property in July 2011 as a rundown property not farmed since cyclone Larry in 2006 as with so many farms in this area farmers had walked away from the heartache not able to pick up. A lot of hard work has gone into bring this farm back to life. With the property completely over grown with raspberry, old sugar cane clumps and wait-a-while it was one very long road. As the property came to shape our first flower rows went in November 2011. I sat with a glass of wine in the middle of the row and marvelled at the work that had been done and cried at the work yet to be done.

    Now a few years on and they is still a lot of work to be done I ask you if you would like to enjoy a glass of wine with me after a day of either weeding by hand, picking flowers by hand, planting by hand, fixing irrigation and yes most things are done by hand.

    Our Family now is mostly just myself at home with 2 dogs and 2 horses. My boys have left home but come and go and My husband works away to help support the farm as it is still growing he is only home every 5 weeks for 2 weeks. I have also had many French backpackers stay with me over the years. I have enjoyed learning from them as they learn from us most stay 3 months and become part of our family.




    Organic/Biological methods we use

    Our practices to becoming a sustainable farm is we look after our soil and it will look after our plants. Our soil is a sandy granite soil with little holding compacity of water or fertilizer and little life in it. To be able to farm this land  with a crop that needs a lot of both water and fertilizer we looked towards the organic matter in the soil to build on what we had we add a by product from the sugar mill called mill mud and fly ash this give the soil a bit of holding compacity we add micro organisms and feed them with fish humus and the leaf and grass matter from the plants.

    Special Conditions

    The farm is located in Far north Queensland we have 2 seasons, wet [November to February ]  and dry [March to October]. Our wet season can be a bit hard consist rain and Humidity went its not raining. Our Dry season is  pleasant and cool though the night and mid 20s though the day with a few showery days here and there. We pick flowers all year round in all weather rain, heat, cold and hot days.  Working on this farm in the wet season is hard but at the end of the day enjoyable with the swims in the cool creeks. Hydration is a must

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    Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Soil conservation, Mulching, Handyman

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    FNQ Blooms

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    Jodie Sefton



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    Non-Smoking, Children allowed by arrangement

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    Fish, Meat, Vegetarian



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