Meet WWOOFer Kris Muscat,

Kris was a primary school teacher for about 15 years and has also worked in a furniture factory, a plant nursery, as well as in administration and accounts. She is friendly and enjoys being around people, loves reading and having quiet time to herself. Kris also enjoys listening to music and paints mandala rocks to relax and enjoys gardening.

Kris joined WWOOF in May and visited her first Host in July. We asked her a few questions about her experiences.

What country are you from? Australia.

What do you do when you are not WWOOFing? About 5 years ago, I started working in Aged Care as an Assistant Nurse, then became a Diversional Therapist (activities officer) and then became Diversional Therapy Coordinator.

Why have you decided to go WWOOFing in Australia? I wanted to join WWOOF when I was in my 20s and never got around to it…so here I am at 54, wanting a break from ‘paid’ work, thinking I’ll do WWOOFing for a few months, then I’ll have to go back to work. My partner of 25 years is going to stay at home and look after our “kids” (2 dogs) while I go off on my adventure. I would love to see and help out on organic farms and check out the lifestyles of other similar minded people. I’m looking forward to having lots of ‘thinking’ time!

Have you WWOOFed before? No

What have you learnt to date WWOOFing?  I learnt lots of things about Permaculture techniques and practices.  I learnt that there are some wonderful hosts out there.  I learnt that ALL organic farmers are hard workers who are passionate about their health, the health of their environment and the health of their animals.

What have you learnt about yourself? While I was WWOOFing I learned early on to try to relax and be myself in all of the different environments I was in. I think it makes everyone more relaxed. I learned that I really missed my home and my little family. Apparently I was not the WWOOFer “norm”, being Australian and being older.

Are you travelling by yourself and have you met any other WWOOFers on your travels?  I travelled by myself and met just one other WWOOFing couple while I was in Roma. They were lovely.

What states are you going to travel to and where have you been?  I only WWOOFed in Queensland and fairly close to home. I had planned to be a WWOOFer for a couple of months.  I’m happy to say I lasted 4 weeks (however I would go home on the weekends). If my partner was interested in travelling with me, I think it would be a fabulous way to see the country.

Would you recommend WWOOFing to your friends and why?  I would recommend WWOOFing to anyone wanting to experience life on an organic farm – there are lots of different types of farms out there, so do your research, read the Host Reviews, work out what it is you want to experience.  Get a feel for what other WWOOFers say about the hosts. Read the Host’s Profile. Do you think you could fit in with them and their farming practices? Do you think you’d have the skills to help them out?


Here are some Host Reviews following Kris’s WWOOFing visits
 Heidi Dallimore
We feel very fortunate to have been able to host Kris at Virtue Farm. She was generous with her time, kindness and spirit. She has a genuine warmth and an authentic interest in learning and sharing her knowledge. She listened attentively, prioritised what we needed doing then worked independently to finish each task. It was immediately obvious when we met Kris that she has worked in people based / care-based industries because she has a special magic about her and a gift of making people feel positive. A friend of ours who was staying with us at the time said “She’s just a feel good person, someone who makes others feel good…” Our friend was so right!
 Greg Dixon

Kris was very communicative right from the get-go which made coordination with her very easy. With a proactive willingness to help, positive attitude and an easy going nature this made working with, and having Kris stay with us, a real pleasure! Kris gets our highest recommendation!

 Lynda Fletcher
Kris came to Grapeview in Roma, for her first week as a WWOOFer. She is a hard worker, and due to the chaos that was our house that week, I appreciated her ability to look for jobs and just get on with it. She is very easy going and showed my 10 year old daughter, and another couple of WWOOFers staying, how to paint Mandala stones which was a huge hit. Kris is an early riser (I am not), and she got a few hours in before I had even woken. Would recommend her without hesitation as she is a friendly, courteous guest, and great gardener. I learned a lot from her, even though the climate here is quite different to the sunshine coast, and look forward to seeing her plantings come to life! :0)
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