WWOOF Hosts come in all shapes and sizes; whether your project is big or small, if you have a commitment to organic, permaculture or biodynamic methods in managing your land Hosting gives you the tools to share your knowledge and work alongside others. We receive incredible feedback everyday from our Hosts and WWOOFers and today we thought we would share just some that crossed our desk so far this month!

Zachary came to stay with us for 2 weeks, fresh off the plane from Pennsylvania. This young man was absolutely wonderful to host. He worked hard in our orchards, listened to instructions, asked questions, was careful and respectful with our equipment and did it all with good humour and a cheery disposition. When he was in the house he always pitched in to help when he saw something that needed doing and if he was at a loose end he asked how he could help. He had a lot of down time and was very creative to find ways to entertain himself and keep himself active. He made friends easily with our family and neighbours and was great company over dinner. We were so sad to see him go and wish him the very best for his trip around Australia. Host: Christy Shelper Username: bigswing

Andrea and Giuseppe are a very wonderful family, a beautiful property by the sea, a beautiful room. My job was cleaning the garden, making a garden box, helping the bee’s work. It seemed like a resort hotel to me. It is the largest private room at WWOOF volunteer thank you very much. Host: Andrea Rashbrook Username: austinmercottage

Hey Johanna! Thanks so much for coming to stay with us and lending a helping hand. I hope you had a great time and learned a few things. Every time we look at our herb garden we’ll think of you and your creative efforts – brilliant stuff! Best wishes for the future and you’re welcome back to Merrijig any time. Cheerio from Annie and Henrik and Michael and Tina and the pooches xoxo Host: Wahren Family Username: VN216

It has been an amazing experience in Gilles’s property! He’s someone who’s very patient in teaching , as well as he explains concepts very well. During my stay, I got to milk and feed goats, do minor maintenance work on fences , cook with a fire stove and render a cob house! I thoroughly enjoyed these small jobs. Gilles is a very kind man and his property is simply amazing with all the trees and natural forest areas. Definitely a good place to learn how to take care of a farm 🙂 Wanlin, 25yo Singaporean girl Host: Gilles Carrabin Username: TN044

Working with Geraldine was an honour. I stayed for two weeks, with only reason I was planning on leaving Australia. If I could have stayed, I would have. But only more reason to come back one day :). At Mingari you don’t only learn how to milk cows, work in the garden, read animals etc., but there’s also room for great conversations; from politics, to music and other life questions. In the 25 years Geraldine has had wwoof’ers she’s still got many of them as her friends, I hope to be one of them. Host:Geraldine de Burgh-Day Username: TN074

The stay on the Farm from Ash and Hannah was our first WWOOFing experience and our first farm work in Australia. Ash help us so many times that our time will be great on his farm. The main tasks were picking vegetables or packing these for the market. We have our own room in a separate house on the farm. This house was a little bit old, but it was comfortable! We work 6 hours a day and we can use all the vegetables and fruits from the farm to cook by our own. We had a great time on these farm and Ash is a very helpful and lovely guy. We miss you! Thanks for your help and that we can stayed at your place. Host: Ashley Palmer & Hannah Parchert
Username: QG518

Jill is a strong independant person who is actively trying to better the environment. Even better she lives what she preaches. She’s open with her knowledge and a capable teacher. As a non-vegetarian I still found the food excellent and didn’t even miss meat while I was there. It’s hard to articulate how much Jill did for me but suffice to say if I’m ever in the area again I fully intend to go back. I would strongly recommend a detour to Goongerah.
Host: Jill Redwood Username: VZ033

So if you would like to learn more about WWOOFing in Australia or becoming a Host please visit our website www.wwoof.com.au

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