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Commercial Farm

Farming methods


Short Property Description

I have 3 Certified Organic properties in Lorinna. Home is 70 acres (40 cleared) in a beautiful mountain valley, bordering Lake Cethana. Second is 95 acres higher in the valley – magnificent views, cleared & divided into paddocks for grazing cattle & growing hay. I am self-sufficient & produce nearly all I need incl electricity. I have a large veggie garden & orchard & have not shopped in a supermarket for years. I milk our house cows & raise beef cattle using cell grazing. A lawn is grazed by free-range guinea pigs, keep rabbits for love & dinners.I enjoy good food & wine, music, reading & current affairs and live in a large hay bale house. Volunteer tasks include gardening, fieldwork, haymaking, animal care, firewood collection/stacking etc depending on skills & needs. Recreation: bushwalking, swimming, reading & social activities. Accommodation in WWOOF house across the field from my house, all meals in my house with me. Couples OK. No children. No Pets either sorry I have animals so it doesn’t work Meals are organic & include meat & dairy. No special diets. Couples welcome. Non-smokers only. Prefer long stays – min stays 1 week. Only genuine WWOOFers, please.

Organic/Biological methods we use

Fully certified organic for the last 20 years, I am passionate about animal care and handling.

I am totally self-sufficient growing and raising all the food I eat on the property this includes fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, cheese etc.


My Details

The Stay

Can Accommodate

3 WWOOFers

Preferred length of Stay

2-4 weeks, Longer stays by negotiation


Separate Building

Other options

Non-Smoking, No Children

Meal Procedures

Eat together

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Diets we cater for

Meat based meals, Gluten free meals

Why I became a WWOOF Host

I have been a WWOOF host for 20 years.  I have a deep concern for the future of our planet, and I believe it is possible to live and eat very well with a much smaller footprint.  I also believe that my generation has had a real ‘party’ on our planet, and  the result will impact hugely on younger people, therefore I have a responsibility to teach that it is possible to live well, and also be gentler on our planet. Many people these days talk of sustainability, permaculture etc, but I don’t see many people actually practicing these things.  I try to totally live this way, and have not shopped in a supermarket for years.  I produce everything I need, and live within this framework. I love hosting WWOOFers who are wanting to learn how to live in a totally sustainable way, and who give me the opportunity to pass on the things I have learnt in the 20 years I have been working to achieve this way of living.  And, as I am getting older, it is simply wonderful to have help for all that needs to be done for day to day living, and running a farm.



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