Meet WWOOFers Takamichi and Rina, after reading the review they left for their first host, we asked them a few questions about their experiences WWOOFing in Australia.

Here is a wonderful review that Takamichi and Rina left for their first Host:

This is our first time wwoofing. Our english is not good and have been nervous though, she has been teaching us very kindly while saying “Don’t worry, Don’t be polite”. Also, been teaching us many Aussie English. Because of she herself having a lot of travel experience, she is really understand the feelings that be not good at communicating in foreign language.

Her organic garden is great owing to her knowledge and effort. It’s not easy to gardening in environment of dry and poor quality soil. But besides hers technique of making soil is wonderful, the care for gardening is thoroughly. So there is few pest, and plants is very lively. We learned about importance of making soil.

And also she is very particular about food. Detergent is made out natural materials, hardly eat chemistry additive, and thing like that.Herb, vegetable, citrus all picked from garden are used for dish.The dish really brings out full flavor of ingredients. Especially how to distinguish fresh eggs is worthwhile.The dish she makes is taste terrific everyday, it’s friendly for human body, and environment as well.And waste matter from food stuff necessarily used for compost. So there is no waste completely.

She has a lot of knowledge. About Australia, plants, wild animals, aboriginal, travel, AFL and etc. taught us anything she known. Strolling in rainforest with her guide was very beautiful. And also we could assist activity protect Australian nature.

We had she takes us to her property, and various place as well. Strolling of Gloucester, a walk in national park, a little bit remote town or village, beauty salon, beach. Viewing spot can look out over Gloucester was really incredible. People in Honeyeaters is sharing property. So they welcomed us as everyone’s guest, as well as inviting us to home party. They are very kindness and we felt the everybody loved nature.

We got precious experience that can’t on sightseeing. We are happy to do first wwoofing at here. We feel honored to help her. However,we just listening her talk and we could not conversation well with her. Because our english is not so good.We felt regret about it. We promised to we will be back there. We want to get better english untill then. If you are interested in organic farming, you can learn a lot of thing at here. And if you can’t decide WWOOFing place yet, I really recommended Honeyeaters.

What country are you both from?

What do you do in your country?
I was Software Engineer

Why have you decided to go WWOOFing in Australia?
I am interested in agriculture and dairy farming. In the WWOOF, I can try to work on a farm without exchanging the money. so, I can learn expertise with friendly feelings at a closer distance.
And because Australia is enthusiastic about WWOOF.

Have you WWOOFed before?
We haven’t.

What have you learnt to date WWOOFing?
Importance of making soil on an organic garden And all Australian are very friendly.

What have you learnt about yourself?
I could spend WWOOFing days, So I felt the organic lifestyle suit me than lifestyle worked as a Software engineer.

What’s it like travelling with two as a couple and WWOOFing?
It can learn partner’s posture for a job. And due to work together with each other for the inexperience work, deepen bonds a married couple.

What states are you going to travel to and where have you been?
Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania.

Would you recommend WWOOFing to your friends and why?
Yes. We don’t know who has started WWOOF at first. But WWOOF is amazing. WWOOF is brilliant. WWOOF is splendid. This is WWOOF!!!!!




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