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    My name is Takamichi Oki, I am 27. I’m from Fukushima, in Japan. Fukushima was drawing an attention in 2011, because of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. I graduated from the University of the Computer science department, And then I had been working in Tokyo for 4 years as a software engineer.After that, left the company for the becoming WWOOFer. I have two hobbies.The first hobby is riding roadbike with my wife.We do hop around the eatery for something delicious and try to climb Mountain.Every time, I’m wondering “Why doing such a tough thing?” while Climbing Mountain.But I can’t help falling Climbing, because of I feel a sense of accomplishment when achieved Mountain top. The second hobby is “smash brothers” which have been playing since from childhood.This is a worldwide famous TV-Game.I like not only to watch the match by professional players but also to participate the tournament. Due to crazy about these hobbies, I started to try to challenge that play TV-game on Mountain top as bringing TV-game stuff by only roadbike.Although the Climbing Level of difficulty is increased, It’s a fulfilling time to play TV-game in a superb view.



    I am Lina. From Japan. I am 25 years old. I started the WWOOF with my husband. I am interested in foreign food culture and life in the vast nature. I did a food industry worker while 5 years. Now, I am training to use a kitchen knife well. My hobbies are to go out with my husband on a road bike. And photography, I especially like to take pictures of food and animal. Thank you.

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    We married couple is thinking wanna live an environment in rich in nature in the future. And also we wanna acquire English to open up possibilities in the future.As long as the Japanese can speak japanese, they have no problems to live life.So there are many Japanese people who can’t speak English.But I’m gonna decide my life after touching the outside world, instead of spending a lifetime in only a small island country. So I felt a strong attraction to join WWOOF which can be enabled to learn English on a daily basis as well as learn abroad lifestyle.


    I am interested in agriculture and dairy farming. In the WWOOF, I can try to work at a farm without exchanging the money. so, I can learn expertise with friendly feelings at a closer distance. Other than, sharing daily life with the Host leads to experiencing a lifestyle different from Japan and learning natural English for me who is studying English. It will become important property in my life.

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    Takamichi and Lina

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