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Anne Duijvestijn

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    Hi there! My name is Anne, I am a 25-year-old, almost graduated student, looking to travel Australia once I’m graduated. I am looking to combine visiting some family with nature, beach, backpacking and WWOOFing.

    I study at Wageningen University, an environment- and agriculture focused university. I am currently writing my master thesis on Circular Economy. My education has been in English and internationally focused, which I enjoy very much.

    I am outgoing, curious and a bit head in the clouds sometimes. I can seem shy when I am new somewhere, but quickly grow comfortable, assertive and cheerful. Hobbies include swimming, movies, books, beers and a sporadic dance with friends, and above all food. With my family we camp and enjoy long walks with the dog. With my friends we enjoy a good city trip. I will use any birthday or happy event as an excuse to bake (sometimes experimental) desserts, cakes and cookies.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    A few years ago, I spent a few weeks working in a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa and it was amazing. Living in the small, flat country of the Netherlands, I am looking forward to immersing myself in a completely different, open and more rugged environment to work with nature and animals again.

    WWOOFing seems a great way to discover a new place; while working hard and learning about my surroundings and the people, and hopefully making new friends along the way. I am looking to work for a few weeks in one place, explore the area, and continue to travel more of the country.

    I would love to work with or around animals, food and wine, or with ocean/lake/river related projects. However, I am broadly interested and open for experiences that had not yet crossed my mind. I’m not afraid of getting dirty and although do not have much experience in farming, I am looking to learn more, and I generally learn fast.

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