Meet Stephanie and David from Kondoolka Station in South Australias Gawler Ranges.

They have approximately 10, 000 head of sheep, a dog, turkeys and chickens. Lots of wildlife (Kangaroos, Emus, Wombats, Eagles and lots more) can be seen on our 1100 km2 property.

They are a family of 4 (Stefanie & David, Mareike and Martin) because the remoteness of living on a sheep station their children attend Kindergarten and school through School of the Air.


Work includes everything around the station, depending on the time of your stay. Mustering sheep on motorbikes, lamb markingfencing, water runs (cleaning troughs and maintaining water sources), animal caregardening, helping out with general duties around and in the house.


In your free time, you are welcome to explore nature, go for a hike (the kids will be happy to show you around) or join in family activities.


They have accommodation for 1-2 people in their house or cottage, meat based meals (no vegans or vegetarians) shared with family (all cook together). They do like Initial stays of 2-4 weeks, longer stays negotiable.


Gardening, Composting, Pruning, Animal care, Mustering, Mechanical, Using & caring for tools, Building, Fencing, Handyman


School of the Air Mo.-Fr.

Kindergarten Mo.-Fr.

Mustering/Lamb marking 3 times per year

Check out this Blog written By Aussie Cyn: This will give you a great idea of the awesome experience you will gain by living with David, Stephanie and family.

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