Meet Peter and Jane Danford from the Tropical Far North Queensland.

We are a Rainforest Lodge located on the fringe of the great Barron Gorge National Park in Far North Queensland and have been WWOOF Australia Hosts for the past 5 years as we have so much to offer in our beautiful location.

For the past 40 some years Cedar Park Rainforest Resort has offered accommodation to visitors of Far North Queensland. It is a quiet peaceful place away from hustle and bustle of towns and amongst the wildlife flora and fauna of upper rainforest.

We have WWOOF volunteers help us to maintain our 8 acres of Fruit forest, vegetable gardens, native gardens and animals.  We care for native birds and wallabies, farm chickens for eggs and host bees for honey.  Producing all our own food which is used here for our family and guests incorporating organic and biodynamic practices.


Our 5 children love having WWOOF volunteers to play games with and even help them with homework and other projects.  They are a great source of learning English and seeing the bush through the eyes of a child.

We always hope our volunteers will join in with our family and have a great experience in nature. There are so many learning opportunities, for example what the wildlife thrives on and what they don’t, how to act around them and care for them, learning to make new dishes and foods out of our fresh fruits and bush tucker and how a big family runs a small hotel.

We have had a great experience with so many WWOOF volunteers over the 5 years we have owned this property and some we keep in contact with still. We hope to keep on offering volunteers a great experience in Australia to take back home with them. We expect volunteers also to assist with dinner preparation and clean up daily and to be able to mix with our 5 children aged between 3 and 16.

If English is not your first language, you will certainly learn a lot from our children as they may want to work with you and engage you in the evenings with board games, homework and art projects.

If Chinese is your first language we can help you to understand better what is going on around you as we can also speak Mandarin Chinese.


We will try to include you in some of our family outings, swimming in the creek, 4-wheel driving outings, walks in the rain-forest. And we are happy to share as we learn and practice better techniques of gardening and care of our animals.


We do our best to be as organic and environmentally friendly as is possible and we are striving to do better all the time.

Certainly what we make from scratch is better quality, better tasting and more fun. It helps us teach our children how to live well and healthier and gives us satisfaction and happiness.


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