Permaculture is a word that is coming up more and more frequently in discussions around organic gardening and sustainable farming methods, but what exactly is permaculture?

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is a way of approaching land use and resource management in order to provide for the needs of humanity while at the same time giving back to the environment. Permaculture is a design system and a set of ethics that can be applied to both household and commercial activities in organic gardening, sustainable farming and other ecological projects, directing these activities toward sustainability. Permaculture design mimics natural patterns and relationships observed in our environment for a low impact, low maintenance ways to grow food, to shelter and feed animals, to promote biodiversity and enrich the surrounding environment. The three core principles of this system are:

1. Care for the Earth
2. Care for the People
3. Return of Surplus

Permaculture is more than just a design principle, it is a philosophy for working in harmony with nature in order to secure a sustainable future.  We have over 160 hosts using permaculture methods on their property! If you are interested in getting hands-on experience in permaculture, simply search our Hosts to find a farm today!

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