I/we have been having WWOOFers for close to 25 years on a continual basis with perhaps only a few months in all that period with none at all.
We would have up to 3 or at 4 at times and the stays varied from a minimum of 2 weeks to several that stayed over one year and one WWOOFer from Korea who obtained a masters degree in mathematics at Melbourne Uni while WWOOFing with us.

For us it has been a life changing experience which I can truly say has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.
I have, I would estimate, over 300 WWOOFers over this period of time and I have been able to notice the changing county demographic in those who come..
Most are excellent and give you faith in the future of the human race, occasionally we get a poor one of course when you have so many.

To me personally it helped me “grow up”to accept other races for exactly what they are, without trying to change them , it enabled me to be me to be more tolerant to others / countries / races, thoughts, beliefs, ways of life.

I think that I have got more out of this than they have got from me.
Many correspond for years, I am near 80, it has kept me young and I hope for a few more years as a host yet.

Checkout David’s Host Profile and message him if you would like to visit his property!  https://wwoof.com.au/members/vm319/

David Joseph Anthony

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