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    I am 24 and from Scotland. I grew up in the city but from spending many holidays on my grandparents’ island farm, I pursued farming as a career and have recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Rural Business Management with Livestock Agriculture from the University of Glasgow.

    I’m a confident, motivated and proactive individual, accustomed to working under pressure and using my own initiative. I’m very sociable and like to bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude to any team. From chairing my University’s Equestrian Society, winning my local city region’s Young Apprentice programme and previous job positions, I have found to have a natural flare in leadership however equally enjoy encouraging and helping my fellow team members reach their full potential. From working in a number of diverse environments and taking up a variety of hobbies, I have built a solid skill base in customer service and relations, as well as hands on experience with domestic animals and agricultural livestock. I have worked as a senior day lamber for farms ranging from 80 to 1,200 sheep where I’ve also assisted with calving, herding, dosing, dehorning and other medical procedures. In 2017, I worked with one of the UK’s leading grain cooperatives as a laboratory technician and weighbridge operator. On my home farm I breed Suffolk, Texel and Mule sheep and Aberdeen Angus beef cattle.

    In my spare time I enjoy working and spending time with all kinds of animals. I have volunteered with Scotland’s police dog branch as a dog groomer and exerciser. I am often given or find stray farm kittens which I medicate, tame and rehome, which I find extremely rewarding. Any chance I get, I love to be outside. Horse riding is my main hobby, primarily trekking with Highland Ponies, however have schooled with a variety of larger breeds at novice level (walk, trot and canter (depending on horse)). Living on the “Hawaii of the North” I love to get out in the sea whether for adrenaline sports or lazy kayaking to watch the marine life.

    Most of all – I love to have fun! I believe that the greatest success in life is happiness and that’s what I want to gain from this experience. I have a great sense of humour and enjoy a good party/pub night as much as a good chill out.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Throughout my university studies, I focused a lot on livestock production systems, technologies and their effects on animal welfare, behaviour and psychology. As a livestock farmer, I’m passionate about the happiness of my animals and only want to eat meat from animals who have also been raised with respect and compassion.  The incorporation of horses on many Australian farms really appeals to me from a welfare and environmental aspect. I anticipate that the experience I gain will allow me to redevelop methods on my home farm, including horses, and be able to market our meat on a more specialist level.

    I also want to get to know myself in a completely new environment, far away from all things familiar. I aim to finish confident, happy, engaged and excited about my future in agriculture. I hope to gain friendships to last a lifetime and also get a pretty good tan!

    I am on a working holiday visa and am interested in paid opportunities.

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