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I am Zoé and I am 18. I am Belgian. I have just finished high school and I really want to take part in this experience. My family and my friends say that I am perseverant and diligent. I need to be completely involved in what I do. When I undertake something, it has to be done as well as possible and I will put all my energy into doing it. The quote “Do it with passion or not at all” is a good representation of what I think about things you choose to do. I am also quite calm, very determined to do my best. I love animals and used to ride horses for 5 years. I did synchronized swimming for 8 years too, it is a sport that I enjoyed a lot. Respect for others, making an effort, team spirit, discipline, teamwork, fairplay are all values that this sport brought me. The atmosphere of the farm attracts me. I love working outside and helping people. I am really motivated and cannot wait to learn new things !

Why I joined WWOOF

As I said, I have just finished high school. I wanted to take a break from my studies. Therefore I was searching and one day I found this possibility of working in a farm in exchange for food and accomodation. I had the feeling that was what I had to do. So here I am :). I love travelling and I have always wanted to go to Australia, it is a dream. Discovering new people, a new culture, learning new things, that is why I want to become a wwoofer ! I am sure that this experience can also be very rewarding in terms of social relations, responsibility and independence. It is also a good way to improve my English ! I do not have any experience in wwoofing but I am here to learn. Leaving far away from my country is also a way to prove to myself that I can do things alone and that I am not lost without my family or my friends.

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