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    I’m from the heart of Australia, the outback town of Alice Springs: A place of people from all walks of life where the red sand seems to ignite passion, and the blue skies a sense of freedom… A midwife by ‘trade’, I love working alongside women as they take the brave, terrifying and wonderful leap (trip, or stumble) into motherhood. I grew up with a reckless ex-racehorse, given to me by well-intentioned parents.. and spent more time tasting the dirt than I’d like to admit. Growing up, we had a “farm” of sorts 😉 dozens of guinea pigs, a couple of rabbits, chooks, birds, dogs, a cat. My dad had a big veggie garden, and my mum could’ve won anyone over with her cooking. So I suppose a love of food, growing things, and befriending animals is in my blood. I am warm and passionate, like my desert home, but soft like it’s sands, too. This town and its climate can be harsh, and I am resilient, determined and hard working. Having grown up in a town where a lot of people are far away from family, I know how important the relationships we build are.. I am responsbile, and dependable. Hmm… what else can I tell you? Send me a message and let me know.

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    As a lover of plants, animals and people, I’ve joined WWOOF to learn more about all three. I’m excited to connect with local communities and to learn more about growing things and working with animals in an agricultural setting.

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