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I am a undergraduate majoring in Marine technology in tianjin university of science and technology.China. In the college, I take an active part in various club activities (such as student union, ballroom dancing club, discipline competition, etc.) ,and some extracurricular activities, in learning , I won the scholarship issued by our school for two consecutive years.About my hobbies,I like reading, sports and watching movies. In my opinion, reading books and watching movies can enrich my inner world

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Reasons: First of all, I love nature. I want to go to different places, experience different scenery, so as to rediscover this lovely world. Secondly, I yearn for voluntary work. Actually I did volunteer work in guilin, China last summer vacation. During volunteering, I made many good friends, broadened my horizon and broadened my horizon. Therefore, I want to have the experience of volunteering for the second time. Thirdly, I want to experience the culture and scenery on the other side of the w

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