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    Hi there! I’m a 24 years-old student from Germany who’ve been grown up in touch of nature. After finishing my Abitur (final secondary-school examinations), I moved to Jena, where I currently live. Jena is surrounded by forests and hills, and therefore I developed a passion for outdoor activities. As I’m studying primary education, my part time job is it to guide school classes and other groups through the ‘Imaginata’, a big Museum to experience applied sciences. Whether or not I enjoy the work with people a lot, I also like to be alone with me and my thoughts. Thus, from time to time you’ll find me playing guitar or ukulele, reading a book, or take a walk through the forest.

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    To work on an organic farm is a great opportunity for several reasons. As a hands-on person, I love making my hands dirty (except with herbicides and pesticides). You know; working outside, surrounded by plants and animals, sweating in the sun. It is an exaltation to sit together after a day spent outside and enjoy a meal. I’m curious what your work is like. You’ll recognize that I am a fast learner that could help you with almost everything. Further, I have a good understanding of natural processes and a big interest in biology and chemistry. Let’s do it!

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