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    Wynlen House is a small or micro mixed farm and market garden in the historic village of Braidwood. We are an all season cool climate market garden specialising in bio intensive poly culture (permaculture) techniques. We grow a large range of vegetables; we raise poultry – chicken, ducks, turkey & geese – for eggs and meat. Biannually we also raise pigs and sheep. We believe that growing food and raising animals is key to self reliance and a sustainable life and that it is possible to change the world by reversing climate change and the food production system, one meal at a time.

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    We enjoy sharing our knowledge and passion. We have not had much opportunity in our lives to travel but being a WWOOF host means we get to meet people from across the world and learn about different cultures and different lives. As a very small farm run as a partnership between my wife and myself (family farm) most of our work is done manually and it is great to share the workload. We enjoy working with our small flocks of poultry and helping people to understand basic animal husbandry and welfare an area we find many people have little knowledge or understanding.



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