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Hello! I’m told young Stacey was totally enamoured by wildlife and the outdoors, and ever since I was able to walk I’d take myself outside and spend most of the day there. One of the only exceptions to come inside was for some beautifully fresh food – often served by my grandpa who would tout the importance of organic food and ensure I’d eat every last morsel (even the mango skin).

Not much has changed since then. I’ve gotten myself a Bachelor of Arts and a degree in Environment and Sustainability, because I want to spend my life supporting the journey towards more sustainable and community-sufficient ways of living and wanted to see what an institution’s perspective was on that. I finished the degree mid-2020 but I’m determined that it will never lead me to an office job.

Instead, I’ve been working at Banjo’s Paddock since August 2020. Banjo’s is an awesome little organic veg farm just outside of Canberra. I’ve found it really fulfilling to be producing food and am inspired to continue doing so whilst seeing some other areas in Australia.

I would continue to work diligently and be an affable farmhand. I also promise to be a respectful and reliable tenant. I’m conscious of the space I take up and always feel compelled to give to others – particularly through making a meal or a jar of preserves. Other ways I often spend my time include fishing, camping, hiking, stonework, doing yoga, meditating, reading, learning Slovak, and more recently – learning to embroider clothing.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because I’m wanting to learn more about organic farming – particularly permaculture, as well as contribute to a different community in Australia other than my hometown of Canberra. I’m resolved to centre my life around producing food; to become community-sufficient. I can see myself living on a small block of land, cultivating a food forest to produce food for my community members in exchange for other items or services, or for free for people who are in need.

Organic farming/permaculture overlaps with many of my great passions: being outside, producing healthy food and healing the environment. I’ve grown up around people with productive food spaces in their suburban backyards, and since a young age, I have cultivated the backyard of my family home. But I know I still have much to learn. Coupled with this is my hankering to move out of the city.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and thankfully the opportunity has recently emerged. I would be extremely grateful for a space to contribute to and learn from. I think I would find it extremely replenishing and inspiring.

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