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Why I joined WWOOF

I’m hungry for new experiences!

I’ll try everything and I’ll take every skills into myself. I’d like to know anything. I’m excited at my condition that I hardly know anything about the world and I can learn anything from everything.

I seek for the way of life that is sustainable and satisfactory. I seek for what is the best condition of the world. I’m open to any ideas from you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, mate!

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Visa Type/Citizenship

Working Holiday Visa



Country of Origin



Languages I speak

English, Japanese

Skills I would like to learn

Gardening, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Pruning, Animal Care, Building, Handyman, Cheese making, Mechanical, Fencing, Dairy, Beekeeping


All food


Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia


Tsubasa is a very kind, caring person who wants to do his best. Tsubasa stayed with us for about 3 weeks in the middle of summer, when water was very limited and the great Aussie weather show cased itself with the familiar flies and mosquito's. It was quite a trying time and Tsubasa stayed strong when many would give up. What we admired most about Tsubasa was his determination to get things done. He did his best even when the weather was not favourable. He worked well with other volunteers and staff. We believe he did a lot of learning and growth within himself, we also believe Tsubasa has gone away with new knowledge, an understanding of what his strengths are, new friendships and a greater understanding for permaculture. Tsubasa shared in the preparation of evening meals and cleaning up, plus he took good care of keeping the unit with other volunteers clean and tidy. Tsubasa got on very well with our animals at home, the cafe and the farm. A memory that stays dear to us was when Tsubasa said he slept under the stars. The sky was too magnificent to waste because it is so big and open with lots of stars. We would recommend Tsubasa to any future hosts and we look forward to staying in touch and hearing about his future journeys.
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