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Kurt Williams

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Hi all! A bit about me… I grew up in the lovely Swiss country side near lake Geneva, before spending 10 years in the big city in London. Last November I decided to break free from the routine of eat, commute, work, commute, eat, netflix, sleep, repeat… and move half way across the world to Australia for an adventure! I’m a keen sportsman, I play football (soccer), tennis, I do calisthenics and yoga, I like to run, bike, and swim. I enjoy table tennis, darts, pool. I play the keyboard and I’m relearning the guitar after 10 years break. I like to write songs and improvise. I have a keen interest in well being and lifestyle medicine. I’m in the process of changing career to be a stress and anxiety coach. I’m interested in personal development and entrepreneurship. I like exploring nature and seeing wildlife.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to learn real, practical life skills that everyone should know instead of outsourcing to others! How to grow food, how to build things, how to rely completely on yourself! If I can do that surrounded by the stunning Australian landscape, even better!

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