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Hi there, I’m Will, 26 years and looking for the opportunity to learn and experience first-hand from farmers such as yourselves. I’ve hit a bit of a snag in my life’s journey and have plenty of spare time and energy on hand, and really wanting to put it all to good use and help people like yourselves who are probably looking for an extra pair of hands during these times.

I’ve been telling myself for over two years now that one day I’d go WWOOFing around Australia and, well, now’s a better time than ever the way I see it. I’m keen to explore our beautiful country, meet vast amounts of people, and share some wonderful experiences with all I meet.

My vocation lies in the physical rehabilitation realm. I hold a bachelor in Musculoskeletal Therapy but have been learning about the body, rehabilitative/prehabilitative care, and movement in various ways for over six years now.

My goal after WWOOFing for a few months is to travel to Canada where I’ll undertake some specialised courses in manual therapy and movement assessment to bolster my underlying skills and education. My aim essentially is to help educate people in looking after their bodies, and to assist people who have injuries, in getting them healthy, and making their bodies more resilient and useful so they can enjoy their lives with more vibrancy.

My hobbies and pass-times: motorbike riding (I’m fairly new to it); archery (I’d like to ask you what your thoughts are if I could bring my bow and arrows along with me?); reading – a lot of non-fiction, mostly to do with anything human-related (psychology, physiology, spirituality).

I’d like to learn more about hands -on/practical skills such as: bush survival skills; mechanics; woodwork/carpentry; hunting. Personality-wise I believe I’m pretty easy going. I was voted school captain of my high school so I don’t think I’m too unlikeable. I grew up in a loving family with three sisters, who have taught me many a lesson over our years together. I’m a very conscientious person and sometimes I think I could do with a broader sense of humour, though I try. I like order and structure, and value discipline highly, however, I will admit the past month has been challenging for me discipline-wise not knowing my path forward.

I’m very respectful of other people and their space and property. I’m generally quiet-natured; friends describe it as a calmness. But truthfully I do find I struggle involving myself in conversations at times (trouble with self-confidence), it depends on the people and topics, however this is the one part of me I’m hoping changes the most through this adventure of meeting new people and sharing stories and experiences.

Why I joined WWOOF

For the symbiotic tradeoff of course! Learning lifelong practical skills, having your basic sustenance and shelter needs met, exploring this beautiful land, and meeting loving people, and in exchange, you get to help people carry out their chores, aid in their livelihood, provide company in such a time when coming together is vital for humanity, and do meaningful work together.

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