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    We´ve decided to escape from our daily routines (office and highschool life) once again and travel out of our mother country for a while, the Czech Republic. We´re openminded, hardworking and full of joy that comes hand in hand with our love with getting to know new places and people!


    Why I joined WWOOF

    Hello world! Me, 52 yet lively, and my lovely daughter are searching for a friendly place to stay and help in from 24 April to 22 May of 2018, ideally place that is near Sydney. We would be glad to become a part of your home!

    We´ve got a love towards animals and we are used to working with them from young age. My daughter also loves to work with children and works as an instructor on camps during summer break.

    2 WWOOFERS, hardworking, friendly and lively!


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    Viera Karaskova

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    Tourist Visa



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    Czech Republic


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    Gardening, Permaculture/Biodynamics, Pruning, Animal Care


    All food, Vegetarian


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