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HI There, I am a female who has worked in city jobs for the past 8 years (at RMIT University).. I would like a change and to work on a farm for a while and experience the farm lifestlye while learning!

I have some knowledge of horticulture (have done some horticulture short courses) including tree pruning and growing and grow my own trees and some veggies . I am also learning about beekeeping to set up my hive this year. Would love to learn more about organic/biodynamic or regenerative farming practices, and get my hands dirty!

I am currently completing a yoga teacher training course so that is my hobby. I also like cooking and have recently taken up crocheting! I like music and was a piano music teacher for a while, although have not done that in ages. My personality? I am a bit of an introvert, but friendly and open to people and love my good friends.

Why I joined WWOOF

To learn and experience the farming world! I would love to learn more about regenerative practices, would especially like to learn about animal husbandry as my knowledge is very limited!

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