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Aidan Banfield

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    Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Parkland

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    Commercial Farm

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    We live on 280 acres, with 1 of 2 sons & small dog, nestled under the highest peaks of the Grampians National Park, 20 kms south of Halls Gap. We operate the Grampians Paradise Camping & Caravan Parkland, a beautiful, small camping ground with shady trees, gardens, small lake & wetlands. Native birds, animals & frogs abound. Bright starry skies. Work with us on environmental projects, fencing, gardening, maintenance, personal vegie garden and fruit orchard, firewood collection, ground works, jobs about the camping ground, occasional building projects (Aidan is very into Traditonal Timber Framing and nearly always has a project on the go). Caravan accom for 1-2 people with own cooking facilities and the use of the camp kitchen and amenities in the camping ground. Require own bedding. Campground amenities building has bathrooms and  laundry. No children. Some independent cooking and possibly some shared meals with family. Prefer No Smoking, and No Smoking Indoors under any circumstance. Can pick up from public transport at Pomonal (bus  Tues, Fri and Sun), Ararat, Stawell or Halls Gap (V Line Services – train and bus). See photos on our website.

    PLEASE NOTE: we have chemically sensitive family members, so will ask that no perfumes/fragranced products or scented washing powders, deodorants or shampoos are used before coming into our home. We are happy to provide unscented laundry powder, shampoo & soap as well as any advice.  Please note that some essential oils are okay, but please speak with us before using them.

    Having transport is a huge advantage in this location as there is no immediate public transport, and many of the bushwalks in the Grampians require a trip in the car to access start points.

    Having said that the new Grampians Peaks Trail, a 13 day trek through the Grampians will be passing within walking distance of our property, so at some time in the future there will be great access to this incredible walk – we will upate this note once they open the Redman Bluff section of the Peaks Trail.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    We use organic vegie gardening and fruit tree growing methods and are learning and incorporating bits of permaculture into the process.  However at present we are not prepared to introduce chooks due to the presence of foxes in our locality and the demands of our camping ground.

    Special Conditions

    Our home and workplace are perfume and fragrance free zones.  We sometimes can’t control the Reception area and the Amenities Block, but are not able to accept visitors into our private home unless they are perfume/fragrance free.

    We are happy to discuss how these things affect us and happy to provide alternatives as these are much more environmentally sustainable options than toxic chemical options.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Pruning, Soil conservation, Mulching, Using & caring for tools, Natural Building techniques, Fencing, Handyman, Bread making, Fermenting foods

    Courses and Events

    Nessa is a Sound Therapist and Kahuna Massage Practitioner, she endeavours to practice either Qigong, Ka’Lele’Au (Kahuna Flying Exercise) on most mornings (not all), and we also have a dog walk with Solly at some point through the day.

    Nessa does occasionally hold Sound Baths with her Crystal Singing Bowls and Workshops.  Best plan is to contact us to see what might be coming up.

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    Aidan Banfield

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    Nessa Beckitt



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    1 WWOOFer

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    All diets catered for



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