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    I’m 45 years old and was born in Auckland , New Zealand. I’ve been here since 1986 and love this country and was naturalized fairly early on and am an Australian citizen.

    I have always loved playing sports and was pretty decent at everything I played that included tennis, basketball, cricket,Ā  rugby union, rugby league and even tenpin bowling. Good at all sports but master of none….lol

    After school I had no real idea what I wanted to do with my life so just took anything that half peaked my interest and rolled with that. The majority of my life though has been in logistics and a factory environment. I spent 7 years within the aluminum industry and I just finished an 8 year tenure with Billabong just last year. Unfortunately our iconic surfing label has now merged with Rip Curl and are now owned by the American company named Boardriders.

    Reading books has always probably been my earliest passion and I go stir crazy if I don’t have reading material close to hand. I’m sort of spewing I’ve wasted time with fiction and only over the last 2 years I’ve immersed myself with non-fiction. Spirituality, nature, science and politics are probably the 4 main themes that interest me.

    Spirituality has probably led me here in all honesty. After just ending a 5 year relationship I guess I’ve found a little relief through books and meditation. I’m an avid believer in ‘earthing’ and feel a calling to start respecting nature and learn organic principles. I turned Vegan in January this year although I don’t adhere strictly to the belief. I do eat the occasional cheese and will sometimes drink milk if no soy or almond milk is available. Well actually I really classify myself as a pescatarian because I love the taste of most seafood to give up all culinary pleasure.

    I like to think I’m a witty, fun-loving guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. I do like to have a drink and a laugh and all my friends think that it’s a bit bizarre that I am wanting to go out and do this because I’m a people’s person. I respond that that is correct but IĀ  just want to learn new practices and i wont be isolated because of other fellow homosapiens, animals and nature. Plus a ton of books that I have just purchased.

    So I guess that’s my pitch and I could probably ramble on for pages but don’t want to bore ya’s to tears. I look forward to hearing from any host’s and may GOD bless šŸ˜€šŸ‘

    Why I joined WWOOF

    Opportunities to LEARN Organic, Bio-dynamic and/or Permaculture methods. To grow your own food. The importance of sustainability & where your food comes from. Just an opportunity to experience something out of my comfort zone. A working holiday I like to think of it as.

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    Troy Hudson

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    New Zealand


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