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Exotic Groves is a tropical fruit farm and nursery, located near Babinda in North Queensland. We (Riley and Blair) the new farm managers are seeking a team of dedicated WWOOFERS. The farm is situated on 125 acres with about 50 acres under orchard. There is approximately 2,500 trees established in the orchard including over 1000 Rambutans, 800 Mangosteens and many others tropical fruits including Durian, Jackfruit, Cempedak, Langsat, Sapodilla, Star apple, Breadfruit, Lychees, Marang, Black Sapote, Carambola, Mamey Sapote and more. The orchard has over 50 different species of fruit trees and is widely known was one of the original tropical fruit orchards in North Queensland, with some of the trees being over 40 years old. The property is a paradise with incredible views of Mount Bartle Frere. Fresh water flows abundantly year round through a creek and there are many beautiful swimming spots on the property. 



Organic/Biological methods we use

We use syntropic principles on the farm to produce high quality tropical fruits in a way that is holistic and requires minimal external inputs, we intend to build soil fertility in the soil through maintaining ground cover and building microbial life through natural farming methods. We also intend to prune our tree rows to maximise photosynthesis be layering the tree rows according to their preferred strata.

We also use biodynamics to gain guidance on the more ideal times to prune trees, harvest fruit and propagate plants.

We are very open minded in our farming practices and are determined to find out what works for ourselves

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