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Non smoker, manual licence.

My hobbies are reading, walking and cycling. I enjoy social interaction but I am also very happy with my own company. I am very independent and self sufficient. I take pride in doing a good job.

I have 2 adult daughters who are making their own lives. I have no responsibility other than making the most of whatever time I have left. I want to enjoy my life while I am still healthy enough to do so. I am financially independent with no mortgage or debts.

Why I joined WWOOF

Retired at the end of 2020, sold or gave away most of my stuff and embarked on an adventure. I travelled around Tasmania in my Toyota Hi-Ace and had intended to travel North for the Winter but settled in Tassie instead due to border restrictions.

I want to have new experiences, learn new things and meet a variety of people. WWOOF sounds like a perfect way to satisfy my ambitions while also helping others.

I have only ever lived in Melbourne and Brisbane for the last 52 years. Although I have been to other places including a number of other countries, I want to experience a different side to life. I want to move off the tourist trail and see how other people live and linger a bit longer to get a real feel for the places I visit.

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Anthony Grima

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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