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Sandra Ann John

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Eden Park

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Hobby Farm

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Eden Park is a 1.7ha property in Western Creek on the bank of the Western Creek river, in the Meander Valley, Tasmania. It features proximity to the river, a large leafy garden, an otherwise natural environment of native forest and wildlife and, basically, a peaceful,”Home away from Home”, experience.

Full Property Description

Eden Park is a 1.7ha property in Western Creek on the Western Creek river, in the Meander Valley, Tasmania. I live here with 2 Shetland ponies and assorted wild things; birds of course (crows, blackbird, honey eaters, blue wrens and others), possums, quolls and wallabies. There are echidna about but they are rarely seen and some say they’ve seen a platypus in the river – I haven’t I’m sorry to say. The nearby Mother Cummings Peak in the Great Western Tiers makes a dramatic frame for our various homes and habitats. These include my house (a development of the old Western Creek Post Office), a shrubbery, an old orchard, the ponies’ barn and their pasture. A Satyananda ashram is five minutes walk away and walking tracks to the Tiers start nearby. Weather is Tasmanian and work is mostly outdoors so visitors should be sure to bring a raincoat, boots and gloves. Accommodation is in a larger than usual, upstairs bedroom in the house. It contains a double and a single bed and a large walk in wardrobe and can accommodate two or three people travelling together. Meals are generous. Diet negotiable. Currently help is required with maintenance and minor renovations to the house and barn, restoration of a brick patio, planting and weeding the vegetable garden and general pasture maintenance, The work is easy and pleasurable in a beautiful, peaceful environment, All skills are needed and all willing workers welcome. Hours are standard Wwoof hours 4-6 a day depending on what’s happening. I pick up in Deloraine (nearest town). One or two week stays preferred initially with extension possible depending on circumstances. Drive excursions can be arranged.

Organic/Biological methods we use

I use conventional organic methods i.e. no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides and if I have a method it is no more than TLC.  I grow everything in compost made from autumn leaves, grass clippings, foliage, straw and manure from the ponies and everything grows well in that.  Most of the garden work is pruning (there are lots of trees and bushes) and a good deal of time is spent picking up wind falls (O.K. because its good firewood).  Small plantings have to be protected from grazing animals with wire surrounds and there is a short period in mid-summer when the garden needs watering every day.  Otherwise it is mostly weeding, pruning  fertilizing as needed and back filling soil in some areas where it is eroded.  Pretty simple really.  I don’t pretend to any special expertise but it’s rare for anything to die so the, “method”, such as it is, must be working.

Special Conditions

There are no special conditions but intending visitors should be aware that the nearest village shop is 10 kms  and the nearest town 24km away.  In other words they will be coming to a very quiet, peaceful and, apart from the friendly neighbours, somewhat isolated rural location.  I ask visitors to refrain from smoking within or near the house, not to play loud music and not to bring in alcohol or drugs of any kind.  I also expect (and have never been disappointed yet I’m glad to say) respectful behaviour and language.

Skills WWOOFers can learn here

Organic practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Pruning, Soil conservation, Mulching, Worm farming, Animal care, Using & caring for tools, Fencing, Bread making

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Sandra Ann John

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2 WWOOFers

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Whatever suits


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Eat together

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English. Smattering of French

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All diets catered for



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