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We are a travelling family from New Zealand. We have two children who we home school ages 8 & 6 years old. Before coming to Australia we spent a year in South America. There we developed a real passion for plants, permaculture and the environment.

Now in Australia we would like to explore these areas further joining WWOOF Australia is a fantastic way for us to work and live on an organic farm. We are passionate about the environment, love adventure and meeting new people.

We value the ideals of WWOOF Australia and look forward to meeting other like minded people through this opportunity.

I have a background in construction so I am fairly handy when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Bella loves gardening and so is very excited to extend her skills further.

For our kids we believe a farm adventure offers an amazing opportunity to learn and develop real life skills.

Why I joined WWOOF

We joined WWOOF Australia because it offers many of the things we value as we travel and educate our children. Health starts with diet and as we’ve explored this further the value of Organic food has become more and more important.

As the world is changing I believe there is a real need to return to the basics of simple living and healthy eating. We are excited by the opportunity to live and work on an organic farm.

For many years I’ve heard people talk about WWOOF and as time has passed my interest has grown. We have friends who recommended we join WWOOF Australia.

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Mark Broughton

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Aust/NZ Citizen

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Bella Broughton



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New Zealand


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