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I live in the heart of Oregon wine country and I’ve just graduated with a degree in Winemaking. I love the wine industry and expanding my knowledge on all levels. When I’m not managing the small bar I work at I’m out traveling, camping, hiking, or being active in someway! I am a very friendly and outgoing character, I love anything new that puts me out of my comfort zone.

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About 5 years ago I decided I wanted to try to get into the wine industry, but before I fully committed I wanted to test the waters by fully submerging myself! I was told about a program (WWOOF) that a family friend had participated in and worked in New Zealand. I signed up and found a host in Alexandra, Central Otago to take me in for my first harvest. I spent about a month and a half with them and decided this was the right career path for me. After that I still felt the urge to travel, so I bought a ticket to Australia! From there I rented a camper van in Sydney and traveled the east coast all the way up to Cairns. Along the way I ended up falling in love with the country and have set goals to make my way back and work in the wine industry! My hopes are to further my knowledge and depth of wine in any aspect available.

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Ashley Kramer

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