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Hello! We are a family of 3 -Josie, Tara and Kaiya (age 10). We are originally from the UK but have been in Australia for over 15 years. We recently rented out our house in Brisbane to travel around Australia, checking out this beautiful country and learning more about the people who live in it. We love meeting new people, camping and being in nature. We love travelling but also stopping to experience and enjoy new people and new surroundings. We love music, Tara plays the guitar and Josie and Kaiya are learning the Uke – we are always up for a sing along. Josie loves a campfire in the cold evenings. Kaiya is a happy child, she loves ALL animals and enjoys dancing and pop music. She is excited to be choosing the school of life over mainstream schooling for a while. Workwise, Josie has been working in childcare for the last 10 years and Tara is a research freelancer. Josie and Kaiya eat meat, Tara is a fish and bacon (!) eating vegetarian.

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We travelled around Australia for a few years when Kaiya was young and our WWOOFing experiences were some of the greatest memories of the trip. We experienced everything from weeding, planting, bush clearing, labouring, housekeeping, childcare, cementing, gardening, building, grape picking & permaculture and met some awesome people- phew!! We are looking for opportunities to work on the land, work with animals, learn new skills, meet new people and make new friends.  We are fit, healthy and motivated workers. Kaiya is keen to work with animals because she wants to live on a farm one day. We very much look forward to meeting and staying with you

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