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Hello.I’m Saki from Japan.
I’m 21 years old.
I’m university student in Fukuoka and majoring in French.
I can’t speak English fluently, but I can have a daily conversation.

I like traveling and have been to Indonesia,Korea,Taiwan,Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia.I like to meet many people.

I belong to an international NGO “Habitat for Humanity” and I do some volunteer work.We do volunteer work for poor people in Asia.I built houses for poor people in poor areas of Indonesia and Cambodia .I like to do something good for others.I was happy that I could seen their smile.

I had belonged to track&field team for 10 years.And I had swim lessons for 11 years.So,I’m confident with my physical strength.

I like music.I was a member of an orchestra.I played the string bass in orchestra for 8 years.I’m happy if I can listen to music in Australia.

I will do my best for supporting you.I would be glad to work in your nice farm.

Thank you.

Why I joined WWOOF

My parents are farmers.I grew up surrounded by nature since I was little.So I love nature.I have never been to a country outside Asia.I am interested in Australian way of life.


I want to live with local people and learn real English.I want to improve my English ability and get confidence in speaking English.

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Saki Takeuchi

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