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About Michael: I am a 30 year old German, who has been in the country for 8 years now. I’m an Electrician by trade but have been working as a Carpenter over the last couple years. I am handy with tools ( traveling with my own set) and quite interested in learning new ways of building houses/sheds/any kind of structures in a different ways.

I’m also interested in learning about new ways to set up my garden in the future, as my plans are to settle in Portugal over the next few months, if the worlds lets me. Overall I’m a quick learner and don’t mind getting my hands dirty in any way. My backround is on livestock farms. I grew up on a commercial chicken farm, worked on commercial pig and cattle farms and have a good feel to work with any kind of animals. However I want to choose a different path away from mass producing animal products.

About Charlie: I am 24 years old and live in Australia since 6 years (originally came over from Germany also). I have done a lot of volunteering work in my past, in fields like revegetation and regenerative agriculture practices. I know a fair bit about growing vegetables also. I have most experience in conseravtion/landmanagement : restoring natural habitat in Australia and treating of ferral animals, planting trees, species knowledge etc. This I done mainly on the south-eastern side of Australia.

I’m hoping to learn more about the native plants and wildlife here in Western Australia while I’m here.  One day I’d like to build my own self sustainable home, so I was hoping to learn more skills through WWOOFing. I also would love to learn more about working with animals.  I see myself as an hard worker and won’t shy away from getting my hands dirty ever !

Why I joined WWOOF

We joined WWOOF to find a lovely place to spent some time at. The world doesn’t let us do what we want at the moment so we decided instead of waiting around and feel sad about it, we could go out there and look for places to learn new skills which will help us to accomplish our own goals in the near future.

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